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  1. Dolphins tag Jarvis Landry

    Was hoping the Raiders. Could get him...
  2. I would not pay him. If you give him his money. You can rest assured. You will never get your first place winnings. I would straight up tell him. Get my money. And you get yours. Just my opinion. Just last year. I called and texted a owner about 40 times for $27 bucks. I was not going to let it go. He finally paid. Then got kicked out of the league. I have no time for b.s.. good luck too ya!!
  3. Thank You Todd Gurley

    Yup. Killed me. Probably be my first overall next year.
  4. lmao @ PIT

  5. Chargers. Cousins will be running for his life.
  6. Super Bowl - game day/game thread

    Looks like john fox better stop smoking that honda. Totally out coached. And out played.wow. worst sub ever.
  7. How to deal with a fantasy loss?

    Dude---Relax--It is just a game. I hope 2nd place pays something. So it was not a total loss. Now you take what you learned this year. And come back next year. And try to kick some ass. As far as a 10 team league. Your odds are better then once every 10 years. The cream always rises to the top. You should call the guy that won. Tell him great job. And try to bust his ass next year..........
  8. Time to Go - Worst NFL Coaches of the Year

    My vote is for Dennis Allen too. The Raiders have not gotten any better.Since he has been there...
  9. We decide the Champion in week # 16. Week # 17. We do what we call the shootout. All the teams can get in. You put in your best line up. High score takes $ 50... Keeps every team playing the whole 17 weeks.
  10. Record TieBreaker?

    No Choice. Go with the total points...
  11. Roethlisberger

    Sucks. Even if Ben goes. I have a feeling. Niners are going to be fired up. My choices are Fitz or Flaco. I think i'm going with Flaco. Yikes down 25 with him having Roddy . He has Brady too. Do not want 7 from Fitz again. I hate Fantasy Football. lol
  12. I can not believe. I drank the cool aid on this Monster in 2 leagues.
  13. Asomugha to the Eagles

    I bet Asomugha wishes he could go back to Oaktown. What a joke. I want to play for a contender says Asomugha. Watch out what you wish for. Its looks like a Silver And Black Christmas. RIP MR Davis......
  14. Waver priority?

    My Local and Money League. Does worst to first. For some reason everybody thinks this is fair. I'm sick of it. I say why should I get penalized for winning? It is always the guys who don't draft well that get the chance to grab the flavor of the week. I don't know what it will ever take to get it changed. The Commissionor always seems to be picking in the top three.
  15. Wondering the same thing. Draft on Wednesday. Ugh