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  1. Michael Thomas is out

    Sorry ! I took him pick 1-- 5. So it's all my fault. Unfreaking believable!!
  2. How good did i do?

    Our league never trades either. Lol
  3. Discontent in Dallas?

    Maybe get some better players?? Wait till Washington Football team rolls them!
  4. Is the milk carton thread on a milk carton?

    My whole freaking team. Wait I have Dac left!!
  5. Week 2 Milk Carton

    Cowboys passing game?? Wtf??
  6. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    That's funny Ju Ju against the Raiders. A game they lost!!
  7. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    I'm not touching Ju Ju this year. Can you say double team. I need too see him do it without Brown. Some one will take Ju Ju in late 1st. Early 2nd. I bet ya..
  8. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    rams please..
  9. Culpepper

    I going with him again. I ffnnnn hope so.
  10. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Eagles Please
  11. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    Washington Redskins please.
  12. Would you want Drew for an agent?

    NO-I find it hard to pity these millionaires.I need more money I only have 30 million in the bank.If TO worked a week at my job.Poor crybaby would play for free.
  13. The Pron Man sees...

    He could be a grill man at IHOP.
  14. Going to the Batman Begins 400 at MIS.

    Get there as early as possible.All race tracks have trailers and displays to check out.Be prepared to walk miles and miles.Pack the cooler with plenty of drinks.Check out all the honeys.Wear a # 8 shirt and you will fit right in.A pick up truck helps.Should be a chevy though.
  15. Garcia's playmate girlfriend on trial

    I bet Carmella taste like carmel.Good thing Garcia has money Lucky basta*d.
  16. Vikings request Joe Buck be removed!

    Buck should work the game.Tice should be banned.
  17. Marty Shotenheimer

    Looks like Marty Shi*enheimer chokes again.Lets run three plays up the middle and settle for a long field goal.Shi*enheimer will probaly fire the kicker like he did in KC.
  18. CSF wins CWS ... Texas shows NO class

    The Texas coach should be canned ASAP.What a bunch of ballbabies.I coach 6th graders with more class thqn that thumbs_d
  19. Coach K to the Lakers??

    Maybe coach k can teach the sorry ass Lakers hoe to play some D