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  1. Returning for 2019?

    Still staying out
  2. Congrats River City Reform

    I have been having 2nd thoughts honestly, my team is pretty stacked though and should be easy to find a replacement for
  3. Congrats River City Reform

    payment sent of $80, there was a 2.99 fee since you aren't in the US. I will cover that fee
  4. Congrats River City Reform

    I thought you did win, I just remember paying you lol. $140 sent via PayPal and $50 towards dues.
  5. Congrats River City Reform

    Well done Mike, back to back is impressive Here are the payouts, please let me know how you would like it including rolling over dues of $50: 1st place $190 - River City Reform (paypal of $140 sent 12/24, $50 dues for 2019) 2nd place $130 - Favre Dollar Footlongs (paypal of $80 sent 12/28, $50 dues for 2019) 3rd place $60 - Dragline 4th place $40 - Keep calm and Kerryon (rolled over towards dues for 2019)
  6. Finance thread

    All winners please let me know how you would like your payouts made. Next year's dues are $50 per league rules and you can still roll it over and I will forward all remaining funds to the new Treasurer once appointed.
  7. Playoff Seeding

    Guess I was a week late in having high week lol
  8. Playoff Seeding

    Well it was closer then I thought it would be. Win it all bro
  9. Playoff Seeding

    Well at least I made the playoffs I guess, not looking forward to the butt kicking I am about to receive though
  10. Stepping down

    This will be my last season here, just don't have the time or passion for Fantasy Football that I used to. I will make all payouts as Treasurer but someone else will need to take that over as well. Good luck to everyone.
  11. Finance thread

    Updated 1st post with payouts amounts for 2018
  12. Trade Beirut/Hagerstown

    Hagerstown Seminoles will give Year 2019 Round 3 Draft Pick from Hagerstown Seminoles To Beirut Shisha for Fitzpatrick, Ryan TBB QB
  13. Footlongs trade block - 10/19

  14. Trade Beirut/Hagerstown

    Beirut Shisha proposed a trade with Hagerstown Seminoles: Beirut Shisha will give Jackson, DeSean TBB WR To Hagerstown Seminoles for Year 2019 Round 2 Draft Pick from Hagerstown Seminoles Year 2019 Round 6 Draft Pick from Hagerstown Seminoles
  15. 2018 Hagerstown Roster Moves

    Promoted the following, please give 4 year contract Charlton, Taco DAL DE I am starting him today also