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  1. It's been real fellas

    I do have to cut back for real and this isn't an easy decision but I won't be back next year. My team is still in decent shape so hopefully it won't be a tough fill. Thanks and I will still see some of you around in other leagues. Ted
  2. Congrats Tford

    Looks like my team picked a bad week to not show up. Congrats brother!!
  3. Playoffs

    Brackets going to be up soon?
  4. Trade - Keep Calm you silly Longhorns

    No problem with the trade going through but Baron shouldnt be allowed to count since the timing of the trade doesnt allow for it
  5. Trade - Keep Calm you silly Longhorns

    The only eligible player for this week is Andrews according to league rules. I noticed Darin has placed Barron in his starting lineup
  6. Seminoles 2019 Roster Moves

    Moved the following to IR: Swaim, Geoff JAC TE Flacco, Joe DEN QB
  7. Seminoles/Crabs Trade

    Yes sir
  8. Trade Huntington/Hagerstown

    Huntington Beach Longhorns will give Year 2020 Round 6 Draft Pick from Huntington Beach Longhorns $3 in blind bidding To Hagerstown Seminoles for Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB Year 2020 Round 8 Draft Pick from Hagerstown Seminoles
  9. Seminoles 2019 Roster Moves

    Moved the following to IR: Hogan, Chris CAR WR Jefferson, Tony BAL S Turay, Kemoko IND DE (Still only listed as out even though all reports say he is done for the year on MFL)
  10. Seminoles 2019 Roster Moves

    Promote the following: Davenport, Marcus NOS DE 4 years Harrison, Ronnie JAC S 4 years Place the following on IR: Foles, Nick JAC QB
  11. All Hail Tford

    You are the man
  12. AGB AFL Final Roster 2019

    Are you going to remove all dead years?
  13. Seminoles 2019 Roster

    I forgot it was $10 per year for the FT bums. Changed it to 4 years from 6. Sorry
  14. Trade - Seminoles/Reform

    Hagerstown Seminoles gave up Year 2020 Round 1 Draft Pick from Hagerstown Seminoles River City Reform gave up Pollard, Tony DAL RB
  15. Seminoles 2019 Roster

    Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB $1 New Contract Flacco, Joe DEN QB $1 New Contract Foles, Nick JAC QB $2 New contract Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB $1 Prescott, Dak DAL QB $2 Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB $5 McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB $5 Pollard, Tony DAL RB $3 New contract Gallup, Michael DAL WR $5 New contract Hogan, Chris CAR WR $2 Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR $2 Stills, Kenny HOU WR $1 Williams, Tyrell OAK WR $3 Eifert, Tyler CIN TE $1 Kroft, Tyler BUF TE $2 Swaim, Geoff JAC TE $2 Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE $1 Bailey, Dan MIN PK $1 New Contract Prater, Matt DET PK $1 Buckner, DeForest SFO DT $2 Charlton, Taco DAL DE $3 Hill, B.J. NYG DE $3 New Contract Irvin, Bruce CAR DE $1 Okafor, Alex KCC DE $2 Turay, Kemoko IND DE $2 Davis, Thomas LAC LB $2 New Contract Foster, Mason FA LB $1 New Contract Leonard, Darius IND LB $3 McKinney, Benardrick HOU LB $1 Schobert, Joe CLE LB $4 New Contract FT Griffin, Shaq SEA CB $1 Hooker, Malik IND S $2 Jackson, Eddie CHI S $2 Jefferson, Tony BAL S $1 New Contract Jenkins, Malcolm PHI S $2 New Contract Nicholson, Montae WAS S $3 New Contract Taxi Squad * Devy, College 3 FA QB (R)‐-$0Jake Fromm Georgia (Jr) Beathard, C.J. SFO QB DTS 2017 Haskins, Dwayne WAS QB DTS 2019 Jackson, Justin LAC RB DTS 2018 * Devy, College 12 FA WR (R)‐-$0CeeDee Lamb Oklahoma (Jr) Boykin, Miles BAL WR DTS 2019 Campbell, Parris IND WR DTS 2019 Tillery, Jerry LAC DT DTS 2019 Davenport, Marcus NOS DE9 DTS2018 Carter, Lorenzo NYG LB DTS 2018 Landry, Harold TEN LB DTS 2018 Harrison, Ronnie JAC S DTS 2018 Final at deadline