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  1. Trade Beirut/Hagerstown

    Hagerstown Seminoles will give Year 2019 Round 3 Draft Pick from Hagerstown Seminoles To Beirut Shisha for Fitzpatrick, Ryan TBB QB
  2. Footlongs trade block - 10/19

  3. Trade Beirut/Hagerstown

    Beirut Shisha proposed a trade with Hagerstown Seminoles: Beirut Shisha will give Jackson, DeSean TBB WR To Hagerstown Seminoles for Year 2019 Round 2 Draft Pick from Hagerstown Seminoles Year 2019 Round 6 Draft Pick from Hagerstown Seminoles
  4. 2018 Hagerstown Roster Moves

    Place the following on IT please Eifert, Tyler CIN TE Williams, Terrance DAL WR Wallace, Mike PHI WR All players moved already
  5. 2018 Hagerstown Roster Moves

    Promoted the following, please give 4 year contract Charlton, Taco DAL DE I am starting him today also
  6. Seminole/Crabs Trade

  7. 2018 Hagerstown Roster

    To be final at deadline: Flacco, Joe BAL QB $1 Foles, Nick PHI QB (Q) $1 Wentz, Carson PHI QB (Q) $6 Blount, LeGarrette DET RB $2 Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB $6 Lynch, Marshawn OAK RB $2 McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB $6 Hogan, Chris NEP WR $3 Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR (O) $3 Rishard Matthews TEN WR 3 Moncrief, Donte JAC WR $3 Nelson, Jordy OAK WR $3 Wallace, Mike PHI WR $1 Williams, Terrance DAL WR $1 Williams, Tyrell LAC WR $4 Eifert, Tyler CIN TE $2 Gathers, Rico DAL TE $1 Kroft, Tyler CIN TE $3 Swaim, Geoff DAL TE $3 Bailey, Dan DAL PK $1 Prater, Matt DET PK $2 Buckner, DeForest SFO DT $3 Gregory, Randy DAL DE $3 Irvin, Bruce OAK DE $2 Turay, Kemoko IND DE (R) (Q) $3 Wilkerson, Muhammad GBP DE $2 Davis, Thomas CAR LB (S) $1 Foster, Mason WAS LB $1 Leonard, Darius IND LB (R) $4 McKinney, Benardrick HOU LB $2 Robertson, Craig NOS LB $1 Schobert, Joe CLE LB $1 Griffin, Shaq SEA CB $2 Hooker, Malik IND S (Q) $3 Jackson, Eddie CHI S $3 Jefferson, Tony BAL S (Q) $1 Jenkins, Malcolm PHI S $1 Melifonwu, Obi OAK S (Q) $2 move to IR after contract assigned DTS Beathard, C.J. SFO QB $0 Jackson, Justin LAC RB (R) $0 Kelly, John LAR RB (R) $0 Tate, Auden CIN WR (R) $0 Charlton, Taco DAL DE $0 Davenport, Marcus NOS DE (R) $0 Beckwith, Kendell TBB LB (O) $0 Carter, Lorenzo NYG LB (R) $0 Landry, Harold TEN LB (R) $0 Harrison, Ronnie JAC S (R) $0 * Devy, College 3 FA QB (R)‐-$0Jake Fromm Georgia (So) * Devy, College 10 FA WR (R)‐-$0Collin Johnson Texas (Jr) * Devy, College 27 FA WR (R)‐-$0Parris Campbell OSU (Sr)
  8. Seminole/Crab Trade

  9. 2018 Hagerstown Roster

  10. Trade - Keep Calm and Hagerstown

  11. Seattle Backfield OTB

    Looking for a WR or TE
  12. 2018 - finance thread

    Just sent you $60
  13. 2018 - finance thread

    Thanks Dave
  14. 2018 - finance thread

    We still need the league to be paid for, let me know how we are going to handle this. As I said I can PayPal someone the dough or pay the full amount of added as a commish in MFL
  15. Ongoing Rules Talk

    I guess what I am saying is, if you don't have any devy players currently your dts would be limited to 10 instead of 13. Should be your choice to have devy or not and if you decide not you shouldn't be penalized by shortness of dts size. Plus I have about 20 or so now so increase it lol
  16. Seminoles 2018 Roster moves

    Please drop the following Palmer, Carson FA QB dead year McFadden, Darren FA RB dead year Armstrong, Ray-Ray NYG LB Posluszny, Paul FA LB dead year Apple, Eli NYG CB
  17. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Most leagues have 12 DTS spots not 10. 12 and 4 sound good to me
  18. Devy/Rookie Draft - May 7

  19. Devy Player Tracker

    3.02 Collin Johnson, WR, Texas please change devy player to WR
  20. Devy Player Tracker

    2.11 Jake Fromm QB GA
  21. Devy/Rookie Draft - May 7

    I sent Buddahj a text
  22. 2018 RFA - franchise tagged players

    My balance is only $23, I am Hagerstown not Maryland
  23. 2018 RFA - franchise tagged players

    Looks like we can do it with all the other contracts but only based on how many tacos you had before the reload. Should those amounts be posted somewhere?
  24. Trade - Seminoles/Footlongs

    Favre Dollar Footlongs will give Scarbrough, Bo DAL RB Austin, Tavon LAR WR To Hagerstown Seminoles for Jones, Zay BUF WR
  25. 2018 RFA - franchise tagged players

    When do we announce contracts for these bums?