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  1. RB Help

    Did somebody say Holmes yet?
  2. Akers...will he play?

    true dat. He's hurt, he's a kicker, find another one. There's no way he'll produce even if he does play.
  3. Help-

    I respectfully submit that you stop pointing out the obvious.
  4. Ron Dayne?

    I've always believed that Dayne needed to play the whole game ot be effective. This one carry here, one carry there thing doesn't allow him to get up to game speed. If Shanny commits to Dayne being the guy, I believe he can be a productive back. However, the chances of that happening are about equal to a killer cloud of chaotic matter coming out of the center of our galaxy and destroying the Earth.
  5. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    Tags made a comment that put things in a bit of perspective as to why the game was played in NY. Of course there was the bond withNY just having gone through a very tough period themselves. But more importantly, many of the places being mentioned as possible sites for the game are being used as part of the cleanup effort. Coupled with the transportation and communication issues still being experienced in the South, this made it very difficult to logistically schedule a game down there right now. So yeah, it kinda seems like the Saints got shafted, but I'm not sure there were any viable alternatives.
  6. The Results of Martins MRI are....

    Thanx Brick for that bit of breaking news.
  7. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Dallas 17 Skins 6
  8. Portfolio Pool

    As far as prognosis I'd like to see a "best potential final score". For example, after tonight's game I'll have 8 correct with 14 weeks left. I also have 6 teams. So 14 X 6 = 84 + 8 = 92 as a best potential final score. As the weeks og on this will become probably the best indication of who still has a shot left at winning. Also, would it be possible to sort the grid alphabetically by huddle name? It's a real beotch to hunt down my stuff all the time.
  9. Giant's homers

    Someone rolled up on his ankle last week and it was listed as sprained. I'm guessing that this is one of those things that will linger most of the year. I'd play him this week, but keep an eye on this.
  10. Connecticut Huddlers

    Having grown up in Northern CT, having a wife from New London, and having been there last week, here a few suggestions. 1) Do not eat at Mystic Pizza. In fact don't eat pizza at all. Go to Captain Scotts. It's a walk up window with outdoor dining, but its hands down in one of the best seafood joints you'll come across. Anywhere. I highly reccommend the Lobster Bisque. You'll have to ask one of the locals how to get there, maybe even take you as this place is burried on the docks and most likey isn't on any map ever made. 2) Foxwoods may have more star power and better shows, but Mohegan Sun is the "better" casino. The environment is a little less harsh than Foxwoods. The best thing at the Sun may be the Martini Bar under the planetarium sky. 3) Mystic Seaport is cool, but probably too far out of the way for you. Stick to the casinos. Other than that, there isn't jackAthena to do out there.
  11. Week #2 TE Starter

    Agree with Clark.
  12. Save yourself then, leave. Before 's kick your ass.
  13. Interrupted at work. Dam boss...
  14. It's ok to admit it you know. Just admit you have a little soda straw and the hair hasn't grown in yet. We'll still support you.
  15. Seriously dude, I can understand wanting some attention to your (admittedly trivial) plight, but I'm not sure this is the attention you wanted. Now shut the F up you momo fektard. Oh yeah, always start your studs.