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  1. 2012 Aqualung Award

    In 2008, we lost a long time friend and member, Rich "Aqualung" Fremer. Some members of the Huddle Community have joined together to honor the memory of our late friend by giving an award. I am honored to have been asked by them to present this award, which is called the Aqualung. This award is to be presented on a yearly basis to a person that has done outstanding service to the Huddle community both here on the message boards and out in real life. It is but a small token of the esteem with which this community holds the recipient of this award, as we all felt toward Rich. With this award comes an avatar as a symbol of this award and as long as they wish to be a member of the Huddle community, their dues will be covered. Without further ado, I give you the recipient of the 2012 Aqualung, Whoopazz Whoopazz, here is the avatar that goes with this award. This year is the first time that it was felt necessary to honor a previous recipient of this award. Whoopazz, let me be the first to congratulate you on this well deserved honor.
  2. Where would you like to retire

    Ms Cid and I have talked about retiring to New Mexico. I'd love to be out by Santa Fe.
  3. Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich

    No, but that will be an awesome guest post. Just make sure to provide pictures.
  4. Who is #1?

    Not Pro Bowlers, but several of the girls from the Chiefs squad came into the winery a couple of weeks back. One of their ex-cheerleaders is a member and when her friends come to visit she brings them out. She's supposed to bring some more by next weekend, I'll see if I can get pics.
  5. Sports Goats

    I thought this thread would be about monkey's riding goats and playing polo.
  6. Joe Paterno is at death's door

    Don't you all feel better now that you've had a chance to anonymously spew forth vitriol about something that you only marginally know about? After reading through this thread you would think that it was Paterno ass banging those kids based on the hatred being shoveled out by you blowhards. This is low, even for you guys. But hey, let's not let good taste and the truth get in the way of a good pile on. Just we're clear here, I do not in any way advocate nor apologize for the behavior of anyone involved in this mess. There have been some very relevant criticisms leveled against individuals and the institution in this thread. I'm just as sure that once you're all done having your fun at Penn State's and the Paterno family's expense, you'll turn your back on this, only choosing to remember that you hate everything ever done by the institution and those associated with it because of essentially the actions of one twisted individual and the fallout from them.
  7. Apologies for past behavior

    Keep rocking man. This here is a pretty amazing support group. Use it if you need it.
  8. mr. beer

    This really says it all.
  9. Drumbers

    Do yourself (and your wife) a favor by skipping a drum set and get a pair of sticks and a drum pad. It'll cost you less than $50 and you can use it to learn to play. Then try to learn the rudiments of drumming. Here they are defined and there are many videos on the web showing how to correctly play each one. Once you have these down, then and only then should you graduate to a full drum kit.
  10. Getting rid of Satellite TV

    Based on what you've said, you might consider dropping back to just one receiver and 86'ing the TVs in the kids' rooms. Then drop back to just the basic programming package with DVR, dropping the HD channels, etc. You could probably get your monthly bill to about half of what it is. If whole house coverage is that important to you, well, there isn't much you can do about bending over and taking it up the pooper. No matter which direction you end up going you'll end up paying about the same unless you settle for just OTA channels with rabbit ears.
  11. Basement Home Theater

    It is truly a wonderful experience. Nice start by going the projector route. The next thing is to figure out how to wall mount the screen. That means a space either without a window behind it or with one you're willing to block up. Then we get to talk about sound.
  12. Vehicle wash

    +1 It may be a touch expensive, but the Zaino family of products is hands down the best stuff out there.
  13. Did you hear that!

    It was definitely NBC and not the stadium that did it. Totally uncalled for IMO.
  14. Best Buy

    A lesson will be repeated until learned.
  15. Has anyone ever gotten a foreign currency

    I got the same check. I do seem to remember getting a notice about a class action suit a couple of years back. This is probably the result. It also said that there is another suit pending so we'll probably get another $0.42 from that.