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  1. Skybox

    I *think* the skybox has been replaced with the chat room. Look in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Who do you support?

    My guess is hotdogs...
  3. Generation Lost

    Yeah, yeah. Your just scared of us young guys, aren't you? Now, if we could just get our draft to move along. I can't believe you guys are in the 15th round already...
  4. Michigan - Illinois

    What a great game. Hats off to Michigan, they played their hearts out. They played really well on defense. Had a lot of pressure and didn’t leave a whole lot of open shots for Illinois on the outside. Dee Brown saved that one. That was a Magic-like pass to Augustine under the basket. This kid has some great moves. 24 – 0…
  5. Michigan - Illinois

    Just unreal... Dee Brown has the fastest hands I've ever seen.
  6. Michigan - Illinois

    I'm EXTREMELY worried about NC. They have a bunch of BIG bodies. I watched some of their game Sunday. Illinois will get killed down low. Hopefully their outside shooting can make up for it. Maybe throw in some fast breaks and turnovers. But it’ll still be tough to beat ‘em! I'm a little more concerned with Michigan right now though...
  7. Michigan - Illinois

    Michigan is playing really tough right now. But, Illinois has also missed quite a few shots... They just went cold for some reason. I'm a little worried... The crowd is pumped. Illinois usually comes out shooting better after the half. Let's hope that happens tonight.
  8. Jerry Rice

    My thoughts exactly! We have enough problems at WR, but thanks for the thought.
  9. Illini/Badgers

    Yeah no kidding!!!!! Where the heck did that come from? The kid hit two three's ALL YEAR?!?!?
  10. Illini/Badgers

    Wheeww. Great game! I was surprised to see Wisconsin come out shooting like they did. That Wilkinson kid is pretty good. Augustine had a great game, and Williams wasn't too shabby either.
  11. Hey Fatman, Answer this

    6pts is a huge gift indeed. Most I've seen is Illini -2.5. Doesn't really matter, the Badgers are gonna get spanked tonight! Here comes the three headed monster Badger's!!!
  12. Illini/Badgers

    By no means do I think this is going to be an easy game in any way, but I do think it will play out like the few other tuff games this year, like @ Purdue. I think the Badgers will come out playing a physical low-post game and try to grind the game out, and hope Illinois gets in foul trouble early. However, after halftime Head, Brown, and Williams will come out shooting from the perimeter, and if they are on, I don’t think Wisconsin will be able to keep up. Especially if Augustine plays like he has been. Just my .02$. I do agree though gil, this is the toughest opponent they have faced yet. If they can win, in Wisconsin, there should be no doubt they are the best team in the nation.
  13. Which Player Do You Want . . .

    Well, if I only got one choice I would have to bring McNabb home to Chicago. He’s proven he can win with very little talent around him, and the Bears have plenty of no-talent hacks on offense.
  14. Ok, who has the idiot-English dictionary?