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  1. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    In for two sheets. Paypal later tonight.
  2. SMACKBOWL Week 1 Standings (revised)

    From worst to first... Here it comes!
  3. Lets get an early start on my headache this weekend... PPR - Must pick two to fill the rest of my WR slots: Allen Robinson @GB Tyler Locket @CAR Darius Slayton vs MIA Dede Westbrook @OAK Opponent had Lamar going on Thursday, so I'm already 50 points in the hole. Need huge performances from Watson and Thomas. Thanks, Scotty!
  4. 2019 Playoff Fantasy Football League!!!

    PP sent for playoffs and the bowls contest. Thanks for running!
  5. Hey Buddy! Hope all is good with you and family... A little help with my very sick RB situation. I've been streaming RB all year, but really stuck this week. Pick 2. Or I could go 3 and not use Tyler Lockett in the flex. .25/rush 1 point/reception Shady @NE Duke vs DEN Latavius vs SF Powell vs MIA Jaylen @ARI Patrick Laird @NYJ Sick, huh? Thank god for great picks in the other positions to carry me this far.
  6. Irish! Hope all is well, bud. Probably overthinking this one, but throwing it out there... Deshaun Watson in London vs Jags Matthew Stafford @ Raiders 1/20 passing 6/TD 1/10 rushing Feels like Jax has his number on a regular basis.
  7. Stay with Davis/Droughns... but it hurts. Jets are geared up, so I think a long day for Ronnie Brown. Junkyard
  8. WDIS WR

    Mason - Most of his yards last week came from Wright (3rd qtr on). If Wright's looking to make a case for a job, it looks like he's already comfortable finding him. Junkyard
  9. Portis, W. Parker, D. Davis or Cadilla?

    Parker/Portis. I'm still not sold on Carnell. JYD
  10. Weekly Blitz

  11. King Of The Mountain

    Sorry for the delay... no computer the last few days. Go with the GIANTS this week. Thanks for running this, TOS. JYD
  12. King Of The Mountain

  13. Weekly Blitz

    CAR CIN DEN PHI WAS Thanks for putting this together.
  14. Playoff Blitz

    Straight up - New England wins Spread - Philly Unfortunately, I don't think this will be enough to pull it out. Good luck.
  15. Playoff Blitz

    Straight Up 1. PIT 2. PHI Against the Line 1. PHI 2. PIT