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  1. Trying to figure where you are. Trying to get TOCOL draft going and you haven't responded to any communication


  2. parker, alexander, ahman green

    Ok, no one else is going to, so I might as well.... Green and Parker.... I know, gotta start SAlex. Green was the only player on GB's offense who looked okay last week, will be used more this week against a weak defense and w/ J.Walker out. Parker will run thru Houston all afternoon, esp. if they sit Big Ben and start Tommy Maddox. Alexander didn't look good against Jax (yeah, Henderson and Stroud at DT are tough), but Atlanta's defense is just as tough as Jax's. All in all, a good problem you have....not like your deciding b/w Tatum Bell and William Green or something.
  3. WDIS....WR (Pick 2)

  4. A. Green or Portis

    Look at what else is available of course, but I'd assume since you have the 11 spot you also have the 14? Take Portis at 11 and Ahman will probably be there at 14 (if not someone better)
  5. Drafting with bye weeks in mind

    Pay more attention to the player's week 14-17 opponent's than to their BYE week, if you have to make their schedule a draft factor. You're not going to win any championships in week 5.
  6. O.k., So I'm drunk ....

    Read most of this post a couple of hours ago. Only had a couple of beers then, so didn't feel like chiming in "I'm drunk too". Now, I'd have to say I'm pretty much drunk. Re-read the post. About the same...no better, no worse. Carry on.
  7. Reggie Wayne

  8. Another, I know its early but.... post

    Wow, you don't get to say that about the Cardinals offense often now do ya??
  9. Rate This draft

    Check the top of his draft...Favre at #2 overall. Oh yeah, but it's a keeper league next year.
  10. Dynasty League Newbie

    As stated above, he's playing in a 10 team dynasty league. Plenty of good young RBs and/or stud WRs will be available at #17 and #24. Take Manning if he's there and don't look back. If he goes #3, I'd go w/ McGahee. JMO.
  11. I get the first three backup picks

    Take Jackson, Jordan, CWilliams, and best available at 7.
  12. Koren Robinson cut

    I think that's an insensitive, racist remark. Sincerely, Grant Hill
  13. K-Rob and J-Mo switch teams

    Thus a perfect fit in Seattle.
  14. Legends in the Wrong Uniform

    How about Larry Brown coaching the Six....I mean the Pis.... Cavs, (or am I too late there too?) Guess the standard doesn't apply to coaches.
  15. FF 2004 winners speak up...

    6 leagues last year. Championship game in 4 of them. Won 2. Won 1 with McNabb, Priest/LJ, Stokely and Gates. The other w/ CMar, Mushin, DDavis, and some over acheivers in the later weeks. That one surprised everyone, including me. No Manning or LT in any.