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  1. I honestly think that Sproles will get more in return yardage then Dayne will in rushing, if it is scored the same way then I say Sproles. But hey read my sig, I don't know $hit so don't listen to me
  2. Without a doubt. Hopefully we will be at that game to enjoy the ass whipping that will be handed out
  3. I personally like Sproles out of that bunch, he has been used as a WR some as well. He is fast as all get out and can break a return at any given moment. Any by the way, my sig sucks ass bad
  4. TE Witten.... worthless?

    Very good info here
  5. CBS Sportsline: No stats from DAL-WASH game

    mine finally got updated as well. Last week it was Fanball during the games and this week it is CBS sportsline
  6. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    I think you just covered the 4 most important topics to him
  7. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    I just donated 5 of them myself. Did I see your list right and see Skins on there? He was pretty close to the right score as well.
  8. CBS Sportsline: No stats from DAL-WASH game

    My league has the same message, God they suck
  9. Cowboys Ring of Honor

    Sean Peyton is calling the plays beause "he calls them better then I do" as quoted by Parcells. I wonder if that will be rethought out after last night?
  10. Weekly Blitz

    Car Cin Jac Phi Pitt
  11. Cowboys Ring of Honor

    Michael Irvin Talk? I didn't think he liked to talk much Moose should of been there with them if you ask me.
  12. No points for Portis....

    As of now all Redskins and cowboy players have a 0
  13. Just Won/ Just Lost

    I ended up in a tie as Tiki neededto outscore Shcokey by 14 points for me to win and it ended up 20 to 7 and the other guy had more bench points then me. No thanks to Peyton Manning having his worse day ever. I also lost my sigline to Cliaz after Brunells 2nd TD in the Skins game, life can't get much worse right now.
  14. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Dallas 31 Skins 14
  15. Anyone sit Cadillac?

    I have him benched for LT and Edge, nice problem to have I know. I may trade Edge for a #1 WR if anyone is open to that.