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  1. Any Insurance agents here ? I need advise

    I have had Progressive since 1995 and it was always the same policy just a renewal every 6 months. This last renewal I requested a new price quote with them and my payment went down from 1350 to 748 just by getting a new policy. I even have better coverage and didn't lose any of our benefits from being a longtime customer. I would say it is worth a shot to get a new quote from them or try someone else
  2. RG3 - homer info

    What does Foles have to do with RG3?
  3. Hey hockey fans

  4. *cricket*

    It has been discussed in the Forum and Site support, with absolutely no response from anyone from the huddle staff. This is the only site that I have the problem with, FBG and other sites it works just fine. Just goes to show DMD and WW don't give a chives anymore.
  5. *cricket*

    on the being smart enough to fix it using IE10. I downloaded Chrome and that works fine
  6. Drafting tools you bring to the table

    Baby Jane would be the biggest tool brought
  7. Experts Mock (Live)

    Not directed at you Mike, you offered a good opinion.
  8. Experts Mock (Live)

    Haters will always hate Steve
  9. How do you like to start your first 5 rounds!

    Always, and let me repeat ALWAYS, draft the guy that is going to score the most points.
  10. Neither "Enter" key on my keyboard works

    I tried and it still doesn't work. Downloaded chrome just to use here when needing to hit enter :oldrolleyes:
  11. Neither "Enter" key on my keyboard works

    This is the only site I have any issues with, any other forums I frequent all work just fine.
  12. Neither "Enter" key on my keyboard works

    Welcome to my world John. Did you get upgraded to IE 10 recently? I have had this problem for about 3 weeks now and no response from anyone from the huddle.
  13. Enter key and IE10

    I just got upgraded to IE10 overnight and now my ENTER key doesn't work when making posts, anyone else have an issue with this?
  14. Enter key and IE10

    If it happened anywhere else other then the huddle forms I would agree with you 100%. The other forums I frequent work fine though which is weird.
  15. Enter key and IE10

    It's no wonder this place is becoming a ghost town, nice support fellas
  16. Enter key and IE10

    I guess I am the only person having this problem?
  17. Enter key and IE10

    Bump, this is really annoying as hell to not be able to hit enter and have it do something.
  18. "For whom the Bell tolls"

    The song is/will be better
  19. Draft - Who Do You Want ?

    Aynone not named Travis Frederick before round 3
  20. Important notice from MyFantasyLeague.com

    I guess they cancelled todays maintenance
  21. Opening day is upon us again

    Sure wish I could catch a Reds opening day game
  22. How to change the name of our League Forum?

    send WW or DMD a PM and they will take care of it for you.
  23. "What Do You Think"