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  1. One spot just opened back up. We're preparing for launch.
  2. That's more like it. A couple more spots left.
  3. Danger Zone Dynasty is looking for more members to begin the startup process. The league values the importance of defensive players and the scoring system reflects that. .5 PPR .5 Pt per First Down Double-header schedule NO Kicker IDP: DL, LB, DB The league is being run on MFL and funds will be managed through LeagueSafe. The league fees are $125/yr, (plus $75 deposit in YEAR 1 ONLY to allow for future pick trading and to find replacements if needed). The prize structure of the league prioritizes season-long performance, not just playoffs. If you're wondering how the league scoring structure affects player stats see below. Yessir, 3 defensive players in the top-25, but also, QBs don't dominate league standing like they usually do. Player Score Johnson, David ARI RB--------420 Brees, Drew NOS QB----------386.9 Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB-----386.4 Ryan, Matt ATL QB-------------375.3 Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB ®----357.2 Cousins, Kirk WAS QB --------344.2 Prescott, Dak DAL QB ®----340.8 Luck, Andrew IND QB --------332.9 Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB-----------328.1 Taylor, Tyrod BUF QB --------312.9 Donald, Aaron RAM DT-------310.9 Stafford, Matthew DET QB --309.5 Carr, Derek OAK QB-----------309.1 Murray, DeMarco TEN RB----305.4 McCoy, LeSean BUF RB-------304.7 Brown, Antonio PIT WR------303.4 Collins, Landon NYG S--------297.6 Alexander, Kwon TBB LB------297 Wilson, Russell SEA QB--------295 Dalton, Andy CIN QB----------292.8 Flacco, Joe BAL QB-------------290.5 Mariota, Marcus TEN QB-----290 Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB-289.7 Rivers, Philip SDC QB----------282 Evans, Mike TBB WR-----------281.4 Full league constitution available here. Stop by and check it out. We're ready to get rolling! Email me ( or drop a note here if interested.