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    detroit, well actually cow country near d-town
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    the lions winning a damn playoff game and we'll go from there.
  1. Who else is 0-2?

    MOney league QB Manning, Warner RB Lewis, KJones, SJax WR Walker,Burlesson, Bruce TE McMicheal, LJSmith K Wilkens D bills Start 2qb,2rb,2wr,1flex,1te,1k,1def No bench Left the draft thinking huh this is easy money, now I realize its just not my money.
  2. the first to get the axe

  3. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    Well thats darn close to mine Manning "sorry guys I throw all my TDs last year, no more left" Lewis "prison *itch got slow (maybe to many sausages)" Jones "maybe if I can have a O-line, a QB, and the ball more than 10 times" SJax "mike a-hole martz" Walker "well I can't now" Burlesson " a pure lession not to listen to hype" Bruce "see SJax" LJ smith McMicheal Wilkins Bills Came out of draft thinking "money in the Bank" , Now I see it just wont be my bank.
  4. I'll see you Jones and raise Jones and Lewis for my dominating backfield
  5. My FF nightmare week 2

    I thought after last week between SJax,JLewis,KJones,Walker,and Burlesson that ok its just week 1 things will get better. NOT Week 2 after the first 4 games my benched TE LJSmith out scoring Manning,Lewis,Kjones, Burlesson, and BIlls D 19 to 13 this year Bites. Just wanted to vent
  6. The Edge Debate

    Had him last year and was the highest scoring team and won Superbowl with him. 12 team league This year no I was 3rd pick in a ten teamer took manning figured enough decent backs would fall and its a start 2 qb league.
  7. Miami Bandwagon

    AMC pacer, deadly when it crashes
  8. Jamal broken finger?

    I just looked under Training Room Sunday injury reports and didn't see any listing in the forum, just was checking I know sportsline can have some issues sometimes. Thank for the confermation
  9. Jamal broken finger?

    CBS sportsline states that Jamal broke a finger on left hand in the game last night anyone else see this info anywhere else?
  10. Who else got bloodied today?

    SJax, Jamal, KJones, Bur"less"on, can't Walker 0 TDs and 25 pt for yards
  11. Holy crud Batman

    Reading skills are fine smart guy
  12. Holy crud Batman

    it also makes crosswords difficult
  13. Holy crud Batman

    Never said I could spell thats why I became a pharmacist, no spelling skills needed. probablily why I got a 450 verbal on my SAT
  14. Which flex player do I use?

    Wrong forum - Bennett