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  1. Preseason games

    CFL's about to start again with their 2 pre-season games. I've been watching the last 2 years on ESPN and the games are pretty good. Different rules and the talent is less but still a good fill in for summer.
  2. MFL is back!!

    Free leagues suck. It doesn't take long to get to know MFL and their customer service actually answers and helps.
  3. Rodgers hurt

  4. http://seahawkswire.usatoday.com/2017/10/31/seahawks-qb-russell-wilson-dresses-up-as-coach-pete-carroll-for-halloween/
  5. Rodgers hurt

    Maybe you are. No, I looked at it many times, didn't comment for several days, throwing him to the ground or hitting him hard would have been ok but how he did it should be illegal. The Ravens won a superbowl by driving QB's into the ground with all their body weight into the hit, knocking them out of the game this way, that was the intent, not injury but knocking him out of the game.
  6. Rodgers hurt

    Looks like surgery now. If that wasn't an illegal hit it needs to be going forward, he looked, saw the ball was thrown then put him weight into taking him to the ground.
  7. The day after he was drafted the Packers said they liked him for his versatility, he could run and catch the ball and line up all over. My old league gave 1.5PPR, if in that kind of league he may be worth starting.
  8. Occasionally, but doubt I'd be one you'd recognize. Also, welcome. Try back when the season starts, pretty dead off-season.
  9. Preseason games

    2 more games would be more like mid-late august,this year that would be august 24th, as real games start Sept 7th. I think there are enough fans to attend those games.
  10. Preseason games

    True, but they keep pushing for more games, as far as replay it didn't seem any slower (limited replays) for them last year.
  11. Yeah, I don't think it's a viable strategy for other teams. The first few weeks he had had very few RB carries but it grew from there.
  12. Preseason games

    I like most of them, if you watch replays can go through commercials. I watch on Roku app. Edmonton has closest to Packer colors. I thought defenses and offenses challenging passing plays would be inmanagable but it worked pretty well last year.
  13. Preseason games

    Been watching CFL games on ESPN the last 2 years and think I like the 2 game pre-seaon they use. They play 18 maybe because of it. Anyone else? I also like their new rule last year that any passing play can be reviewed by replay. I don't want other NFL changes but I like those 2.
  14. Stampede!

    Nice try, but fell a little short(about 2 inches on that field goal).