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  1. It's for my son's 2014 Honda Accord. Thanks in advance
  2. NFL owners vote to make PI reviewable

    I have seen other missed or bad calls and would like to see at least one a game reviewed.
  3. Jordy Nelson retires

    Hope he retires a Green Bay Packer.
  4. NFL owners vote to make PI reviewable

    I pointed out a couple years ago the CFL was doing this and asked if the NFL should. They have dropped it to once a game, but glad it's being done.
  5. RIP Reggie Cobb

    50 is decades too young.
  6. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    we all love this country. We all support the troops. Some of us believe in the Geneva Convention and believe torturing people is immoral and is UNNECESSARY. We can beat these people and obey international law. The Bush adm used this feeling of unity after 911 to push this country way to the right. They used us for personal gain. That is immoral too.
  7. Who Will have the Bigger Day

    Westbrook against the Raiders. Who do they have that can cover him?
  8. WDIS TE?

    OK. Miami VS Jets Oakland and Philly.
  9. I am STARTING KROB this week

    I agree but with more emphasis.
  10. Who's gonna score more ff Point's?

    I like Stallworth after last week. The passing game was clicking over there and against Minnesota he and Horn should both have a good game. Last week he had 8 catches for 141 yards. Donte’ Stallworth will return punts for the Saints this week, and Stallworth and Aaron Stecker will return kickoffs. Veteran receiver Az-Zahir Hakim is also an experienced return man, but he is sidelined with a hamstring injury.
  11. Trade help

    I wouldn't trade him. I see him getting better as the season goes along. I have him and wouldn't do it.
  12. WDIS TE?

    I love McMichael even on a bad team, but should I start LJ this week against Oakland? Thanks
  13. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Arizona's main problem is blocking. Bennett won't help there at all.