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  1. Who Will have the Bigger Day

    Westbrook against the Raiders. Who do they have that can cover him?
  2. WDIS TE?

    OK. Miami VS Jets Oakland and Philly.
  3. I am STARTING KROB this week

    I agree but with more emphasis.
  4. Who's gonna score more ff Point's?

    I like Stallworth after last week. The passing game was clicking over there and against Minnesota he and Horn should both have a good game. Last week he had 8 catches for 141 yards. Donte’ Stallworth will return punts for the Saints this week, and Stallworth and Aaron Stecker will return kickoffs. Veteran receiver Az-Zahir Hakim is also an experienced return man, but he is sidelined with a hamstring injury.
  5. Trade help

    I wouldn't trade him. I see him getting better as the season goes along. I have him and wouldn't do it.
  6. WDIS TE?

    I love McMichael even on a bad team, but should I start LJ this week against Oakland? Thanks
  7. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Arizona's main problem is blocking. Bennett won't help there at all.
  8. Mewelde Moore

    Only if they want to win, but they are so out of sync now he may not even help.
  9. Mewelde Moore

    Bennett must have compromising photos of Tice in a gay bar or something. He always gets the nod.
  10. WDIS?

    The Minny O line is also awful. Shipp does a better with a bad line, and Tice is making play calls. Go with the guy that scores the most points.
  11. Rackers vs Reed

    I went with Tynes, but I would say Reed this week.
  12. Flex help input needed for big match-up!

    Hugh=huge. LJ usually scores. I would go with him even if the yards aren't hugh.
  13. Who to Start? Rudi or Caddie

    They are both good starts, but I like Caddy against my Packers this week especially if you get pts. for receptions. The Bears D is tough.
  14. Arrington - #3 RB?

    Me too. Shipp is better at gaining yards with a bad offensive line. That has been true in Arizona for quite awhile. They need to get better and Arrington needs to be more confident and pick up blitzers better. Sitting on the bench and watching Shipp should help. Or watch Cadillac.