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  1. Back at the top.........suckers...

  2. His pictures that rule, really suck.

  3. Explain Your Login Name!

    Well the "grand ole party" is evil and they lie a lot...
  4. Congrats to DMD

    Hmm..I would pay :winkwink:5 extra dollars:winkwink: knowing this information.
  5. 2005 Mystery Huddler #9

    Shut your yap and get homey a beer..
  6. Sorry Mr. Bunhole, no jersey for you

    It looks like Spain can still get his jersey.
  7. Confirmation Notice

    Please contact our e-commerce vendor at 800-935-5771 and they should resolve that immediately. If they do not to your satisfaction then please send me a personal email and I'll take care of them... er, it. Thanks WW, I thought I could solve the problem the old fashioned way(Email and wait for a responce). But it turns out instead of waiting 10 days via email you can solve the problem in ten minutes on the phone... wall_bas Thanks again P.S. I was never worried. I thought at least I would have credit for three more years
  8. Confirmation Notice

    yea I never got a email conformation. but my credit card did get billed 3 extra times. frown