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  1. R.I.P. Richard "Aqualung" Fremer

    Rest in peace, Aqua. To Aqua's family, just take pleasure in the good times you spent with each other. It helps and will bring many smiles to your face.
  2. Mystery Huddler

    GDB Heatmieser haircut
  3. Original huddle members

    Wow, talk about some old memories. GB the 1012! I came on board in 98 as a lurker and then just jumped into the big ol' pile o' stuff. I remember when Grid was kicking swami down some bleachers. And a bizarre picture of one of Grid's kids behind a goat.
  4. Projected 2005 NFL Draft Positions

    If you got that from ESPN, it's way off. The Bears have the #4 pick in round one. Go to the GBN website for the official draft order. They explain everything there as to why who is slotted where they are for the next draft.