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  1. Congrats, Def! Thanks for joining the league last year.
  2. No repeat for me. Fun season, guys.
  3. I can't believe I still have a shot at the playoffs! Here's hoping Def and Bud lose this weekend...and I win
  4. You've had a pretty strong team all season long. Don't blow it! Win another title for the West.
  5. I agree with this proposal. It's a rarity in terms of a defensive scoring opportunity, but it happened and a team should be rewarded for it.
  6. Thank you very much.
  7. He's in my division... You've been in this league using MFL for how many years now? I can't give him his request.
  8. EL OH EL
  9. I'm just saying at least we have someone in our division who is clearly head and shoulders above the others. Same for the East division. And you should be running away with our division, Mr. Man.
  10. A bunch of taffy pullin' goin' on in that division. Will someone please take control of the division in the next two week? Sheesh.
  11. West had the three highest scores of the week. At this point in the season I'm putting my money on Wiz. His team is pretty solid...for once
  12. I actually forgot about this payment with all the crap that went on with my personal life. I'll get it to you next week when I get paid.
  13. Good luck and be safe, GB.
  14. GB beating TTAC like a ________ this past weekend. Took some of my sadness away for a bit. Thanks, TTAC.
  15. Week 4 of the "Beat TTAC Like a red-headed stepchild" season. A.J. Green...thank you very much.