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  1. Congrats to JR........

    Even in today's game, getting to 500 is still a little special. But 600 today is more like 500 was 10-20 years ago.
  2. 3-point shoot

    Can anyone explain the logic behind the NBA 3-pointer? coach Rewarding a team for making a harder basket? Isn't the idea to work the ball around and take the easiest shot? wall_bas I understand it makes it more exciting (maybe) in the last few minutes... but it really seems odd if you think about it... rewarding a team for taking a hard shot. wall_bas If you think the 3pt is good, why not 5pts for for a half court basket and maybe a 10-pointer for a goal from under the other guy's basket. Sorry, this 3pt idea is a pile of junk. Was the game actually BAD before this very odd rule? smash shrug big_shoc
  3. Who's the hottest team in hockey?

    I know, at the beginning they had issues. But I try to only look at the last 15 games or so. And never go past that unless their is some kind of special reason to do it. I'm only saying if I had to pick, I think Pit would be the best.
  4. Who's the hottest team in hockey?

    Sometimes the stats don't tell the entire picture in my opinion. Pittsburgh is much better than Columbus. We'll see.