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  1. I sent him a PM to make sure he saw it.
  2. ...and make some money in the art world at the same time...

    The Kansas City area should have quite a run with local sports teams for the next year or two. The Royals were playing playoff-relevant baseball the last week of the season for the first time in a generation ... and (hopefully) will be even better next year. The Chiefs have one of the best records in the NFL and have a shot at getting a playoff win for the first time in too long. Missouri played for the SEC championship. KU has some of the most exciting hoops in the country -- it'll be fun to watch these young (!) guys figure out college hoops between now and March. I just know that ESPN has to love all this small-market winning! HA!
  4. My cattle business...

    Our cattle company just won a big award for our grass-finished beef! We're Walnut Crest Cattle Company. We're VERY excited as this is a national award from a prestigious organization (the American Royal). In fact, this competition was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal.
  5. My cattle business...

    I just found out some AWESOME news about my first beeves. I'll update everyone next week when the news becomes public.
  6. Jamal Charles' Handcuff

    I think the question is, "If Charles is hurt, do the backups split carries while he's out or is one elevated to the primary position?" I think the answer to that question is (at a minimum), "Knile Davis gets the first chance to be a primary ball carrier, and if he doesn't do a good job, then Gray will get his shot to be a primary ball carrier." While I may be wrong, and some Philly fan would most assuredly know, Reid doesn't strike me as the sort of guy who'd really prefer to give two guys equal amounts of touches ... he'd rather elevate a guy to being the primary carrier than tag-team.
  7. 6hrs back ... ain't happening this year, me thinks.
  8. My cattle business...
  9. My cattle business...

  10. My cattle business...

    Thanks and nope. We're putting all available funds into animals, frozen semen, leased pasture, water and fence ... we did buy an old truck and livestock trailer and have around $4500 invested (total) into both ... and they ran great getting me to/from Wisconsin in early July. The next 'infrastructure' expense will probably be a squeeze chute.
  11. My cattle business...

    Update: One of the four heifers we brought home (the one we sold to the guy coming around Thanksgiving) got stuck in some mud and died. The guy who bought her was cool about it. One of the other heifers is not breedable (she has Neospora), and we'll be eating her (her ailment doesn't affect the meat at all). The guy we got the heifers from feels so badly about it that he's going to be rehoming the majority of his females with us and we can buy them over time from him. A HUGH deal for us! We didn't get the farm ... someone else bought it out from underneath us ... ... hindsight being what it is, however, this may be a good thing ... Our beef is going to be featured in the October issue of Kansas City Home & Gardens magazine. Another hugh deal for us! I'm sick and tired of clearing fence line ... anyone living near KC who wants to trade a Saturday of labor with their chainsaw in exchange for some beef, please let me know!
  12. My cattle business...

    We were 10 for 10 on calves this year. We've already sold one bull calf to a rancher in WY ... he'll be picking him up some time around Thanksgiving. So, with the remaining 9 calves, we're at 24 head (including four steers, at least three of whom will be processed sometime this year ... two of whom are probably going to be getting eaten within the next 3-6 weeks). I'm heading to WI in a week or three to pick up four heifers who are ready to be bred this summer ... and one of those four is already pre-sold as a bred-heifer to the same guy who is going to pick up the bull calf around Thanksgiving. Also, we've acquired semen from 12 different French import bulls of our breed (Aubrac) --- very excited about all of this! In fact, we have been approached by a land owner who wants to sell us his farm on a rent-to-own basis ... we're waiting on his terms to see if its feasible. We still have a VERY long way to go, but it sure is fun to be having fun again.
  13. Musical talents for personal, selfish enjoyment? It'd probably have to be a vocalist ... you can sing ANYWHERE ... and, outside of the classical genre, I'm not sure there are many guys with a set of pipes any better than Robert Plant. ...but, as far as a guy playing an instrument, I'd want it to be an instrument you could take anywhere in the world or would be found pretty much anywhere in the, piano, guitar or harmonica... So ... If piano, probably more of a classical approach ... not sure if they were enormously skilled keyboardists, but I'd bet that Mozart was more than proficient. If guitar, probably a blues approach...maybe Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc...someone like that. If harmonica, I'm not really familiar with anyone excellent outside of John Popper.