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  1. Thank you for healing Aunt Alice after her bunion removal surgery.

  2. Who else is 0-2?

    QB: Duante Culpepper RB: Edgerrin James / Ahman Green WR: Chad Johnson / Mike Clayton / Jerry Porter / Eddie Kennison TE: Jason Witten PK: Adam Viniatieri PN: Scott Player (the punter in AZ) ...bench players of note... Mike Anderson Ruben Droughns (plus Lee Suggs and William Green) TJ Duckett Samie Parker Tyrone Calico
  3. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    Harumph. I can't believe I forgot to post a team last week... I thought I'd picked the same team I did in that other contest for this one (that way, I'd be done with this at the same time, or I'd look twice as smart).
  4. Football Calcutta

    For those who aren't paying attention, there is some advantage to bid higher on a team you think will really suck so you can net the $1500 in "biggest loser" money...hence WAS going for $800.
  5. KC Off The Cuff League

    ...the worm turned...
  6. Draft tonight--Need help

    Good luck with that, CD...
  7. Cleveland, Miami and San Fran Fans...

    Q: Who's desparate for William Green or Lee Suggs? A: No one. ............... Seriously...who'd trade for either of these guys? No one has had a big time RB go down who doesn't have a serviceable back-up...
  8. 77-0

    Who were the other two coaches mentioned? I thought that was a pretty impressive stat...
  9. Weekly Blitz

    CLE +16 KCC +2.5 MIN -6.5 NYJ -3 OAK +7.5
  10. King Of The Mountain

    This pick makes me nervous... Buffalo
  11. Snyder cheering

    Isn't Snyder a little short to be that fat?
  12. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    Short Term: Larry Johnson (duh) and Sammie Parker Long Term: Larry Johnson, Sammie Parker and Kris Wilson (how long can Gonzo go?)
  13. Saints/Giants game

    Heard on the radio this morning that they played AC/DC's Back in Black as the Giants came out of the tunnel... ...the opening line has something to do with a hurricane coming to town. NYG's Music Selector = should make sure his resume is updated on
  14. What's that little red light...

    Who's the OC now?
  15. Arrington inactive

    I read something once that commented that high-level athletes are more prone to illness than everyone else, primarily because their bodies' resources are so geared to repairing their physically beaten up bodies that there aren't as many resources left to keep them from getting sick. ...or something like that...
  16. Two weeks into the season.....

    Shut up. :mad:
  17. Trent Green Owners

    Peyton Manning is hot on his tail, in that case... :oldrazz:
  18. Larry Johnson

    LJ looked much sharper this week than PH...for the second week in a row...
  19. Culpepper

    I didn't realized that MIN's OC left town until after I snagged CPep in the inagural auction for a new dynasty-ish league I'm in...
  20. Edge

    Who was the dude who actually scored. I've never heard of him...
  21. KC kicker update?

    Looked pretty good to me...
  22. Koren Robinson's value?

    I wouldn't be surprised if he was pushed out on the field sooner than later given the less than stellar results from the MIN passing game...realizing of course that I've not actually SEEN any of the MIN games, just the stats. Obviously, CPep has looked pretty awful, but, it would seem that his WRs (and OL?) aren't doing much to help him out...
  23. KC Off The Cuff League

    Wasn't Chief Dick talking the most smack after the draft? If week 1 is any indication, he should have kept his yap shut!
  24. What's the deal with Moats?

    Its my impression that they are not in a hurry to get him into a game simply because they don't need to. IMO, come week 4-6 or so, he'll start seeing some time, and at some point later on, he'll get meaningful work in a game PHI is either way ahead or way behind to try to give management a sense for whether or not they can push Westbrook away after the season is over.
  25. Tables in posts

    Do you know if it works the same way w/ .xls in addition to .doc files/data?