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  1. Diggs to Patriots??

    KFAN In Mnpls is discussing rumors that Patriots are heavy into talks to acquire Stephen Diggs from Vikings. Diggs started following Brady and other Pats on Twitter. Where there is smoke is there fire? Makes sense for NE. Not sure why Vikings would give him up unless they get a nice hall in draft picks. We are thin at WR already.
  2. Gourdeau here is our scoring set up for what I am referring to.
  3. Yes it would because it was a result of the offense/st score. Conversely a pat after a defensive score does not count in the points allowed
  4. Steve, on MFL you can set it up as points scored by ST and Offense only. That way you are not penalized for the offense giving up points
  5. I am commish... flips the outcome of my game. Lost by .62 points but the loss of 5 points to my opponents St/D gives me the win.
  6. Our league awards ST/D points for ST/D points allowed. Yesterday NE blocked a punt and returned it for a TD. MFL only shows Buffalo allowing 9 points. This would lead me to believe it is not counting the TD as a ST TD Anyone else run into this???
  7. Brown released by Patriots

    His dirty laundry keeps coming up. The Hoodie was done answering questions about him. A lot lot of talent waisted. Looks like Pitt was brilliant getting rid of him!
  8. Just heard on KFAN Pats have released Brown what team is up next??
  9. Reading lots of chatter on Waller being a WR playing TE and without AB lots of targets. Also reading T.J. is the new Gronk. So who had better year and who would you rather have on your real team or fantasy team?
  10. Trade Offer

    Good upgrade at RB and maybe turn T.J. into another WR via trade? i would do it
  11. I would keep Cook. Zimmer wants to run the ball and the O line is still gelling so should get better. Your WR ate not that bad. Ross could be as good as Adams
  12. 10 team PPR all QB yards are .5 per 1 yard gained ( running and passing). All QB TD’s are 4pts. Running QBs sort of penalized TE get 1pt for .75 yards gained 6 pats for all TD’s Little premium for TE yards. Have E Engram and D Walker at TE Have R Wilson as QB Can use TE as flex too so could start both TE’s. TJ Hockenson and D Waller are both FA’s so could go after to replace. Is Mayfield an upgrade over Wilson? Would T.J. or Waller be upgrade over Walker anyways?
  13. Major trade offer

    Carson for Cooper?
  14. Major trade offer

    I would not make either trade. Kamara is too valuable especially in PPR Maybe offer Carson instead?