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  1. time to dump Ahman Green?

    Ahman was on the verge of breaking 3-4 long runs. He also had 3 runs of 41 yards called back because of penalties. If you bail on him early you WILL regret it!
  2. Quick help Please!

    Rudi Johnson @ Cleveland or Ahman Green @ Detroit and Why?
  3. Post your team names here

    "Naked Bootleggers" "Nine Inch Males"
  4. I need expert advice ....

    No love for Keary Colbert?? Why?
  5. I need expert advice ....

    Thanks for responding. It is not a keeper league. I drafted Kennison and Colbert very late in my draft. I love Colbert even though he is a #2 WR. I think Delhomme is going to throw the ball a lot again this year. The reason I didn't draft Branch is because, as you said, Brady spreads the ball around but I am having second thoughts on this one. I watched the highlights of the Super Bowl last week and Branch is on the cusp of being a top 10-12 wr. I have concerns about Rogers because the Williams twins are going to get a lot of looks from Joey and I think Mike will be the red-zone guy? Kennison doesn't get me too excited but he is the #1 WR option in KC and at the end of the year he quietly puts up respectable numbers. Branch, Rogers, Bryant and Burress were not drafted and are available for FA.
  6. I need expert advice ....

    I need some help on this. I need to keep 2 of these 6 WR. Which two would you keep and why? Touchdowns= 6pts. / 1 point for every 15 yards / 1 pt. per reception. Thanks for your advice!! Antonio Byant Charles Rogers Eddie Kennison Keary Colbert Deion Branch Plaxico Burress
  7. Which WR?

    Only 1 comment ............ Kyle Boller! The right pick is Brandon Stokley. I know he's banged up but he'll post good #'s
  8. Another, yes ANOTHER, chapter in the nightmare

    He got arrested tonight for getting into an argument with 3 teenagers and then driving into them with his car. Put all 3 of them in the hospital!! What a Looooser!!
  9. The Ultimate Mock Challenge #11 sign up

    I will take #10 - / Team Name= Naked Bootleggers
  10. The Ultimate Mock Challenge #11 sign up

    If #10 is open I will take it.
  11. Desperately Seeking ...........

    I commish two different leagues that need two owners each. League #1 is a 10-Team auction style league - "limited keeper" with 20-player rosters (limited IDP). $225 Entry Fee- Great Payouts! We pay $10 for each weekly H2H matchup. We pay a minimum of $40 weekly for team with the high score. Top 5 teams at the end of the season get paid (1st place wins $600!) $75 for division winners. $10 for each playoff win. $100 for Super Bowl victory. Last years winner won $845 + a beautiful $200 trophy. We need owners from Oregon and Washington state only. League #2 is a 8 or 10 (currently we have 6 paid owners) Team Serpentine style online draft. Same rules and roster sizes as the auction league. $200 Entry Fee. Payout will be similar to the auction league. We currently have owners from New York, Las Vegas, LA, Seattle (2) and Texas. This will be a "limited keeper" and IDP league also. We have a great scoring format and fun, involved owners in both leagues. We use FANBALL to manage both leagues and the FANBALL fee is paid in full for league #1. Please email me @ the for our detailed Rulebook. Let me know which league you are interested in. If you can't play but know of other's that might be interested, please let them know. This is my 13th year as commisioner and I will provide phone numbers of our league owners if you would like to know what type of a commissioner I am. Thanks, in advance, for your interest! Also, feel free to call me @ 253.377.1775 if you have any questions. Michael "The Professor" Olson -------------------- 10-Team / High Performance Scoring / Auction Style I commish a "National" Auction Style League and am taking requests for 5-6 new owners in the Washington, Oregon State area's to start a new "Local" Auction League. If you're interested you can contact me @ the I will provide multiple references at request.
  12. Auction Mock Inquiry

    Email me @ - I will play any time works for me. I need to know the cap and roster requirements. Thanks.
  13. I need one owner from the Portland Oregon or Vancouver WA area to fill out our Auction Style League pitting 5 owners from Washington State versus 5 owners from Oregon State. We have great rules with fantastic payouts. We use FANBALL to manage our league. $225.00 entry fee. Draft will be held on August 27th. Please email me at or call me @ 253-377-1775 and I will forward our league rules. Thanks!!
  14. Guys, I need help with ......

    Guys- I am looking for a Great League Name for my Fantasy League. I have two divisions one with Owners from the state of Washington and one from the state of Oregon. Each state will battle against each other for Pacific Northwest Supremacy. Loser each year travels to the winning state for the draft. Your idea's would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Seahawks

    Jamie Sharper isn't but ..... Kelly Herndon is!! The Seahawks WILL MISS Kenny Lucas!