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  1. Kyler Murray has no contract ?

    I thought I did this already? 4 yrs. Sorry about that
  2. FA Bid: Witten, Jason DAL TE - Piranha wins

    Sorry for the delay.. 2 yrs, cut Jaron Brown SEA WR Thanks
  3. You Can Try roster

    New contract M Stafford - 2 A Peterson - 2 K Allen - 3 J Brown - 2 C Samuel - 3 M Crosby - 2 S Haushchka - 1 Oak D - 1 Tenn D - 2 should be total - 42 cut - Jason Myers - no contract Taxi Drew Lock Kyler Murray Matt Breida KeeSean Johnson Riley Ridley Foster Moreau Drew Sample
  4. LLD 2019 Roster Moves

    dropped Dez Bryant - 1 dead year DJ Chark - no contract Daurice Fountain - no contract Elijah Holyfield - no contract Tavon Austin - no contract Devontae Booker - 1 dead year Rex Burkhead - no contract Dontrell Hilliard
  5. LLD 2019 Roster Moves

    Yes he did, sorry about that my bad. Ok scratch the IR for now til I decide what to do with him. Not sure I'll have the space on the taxi squad. Trying to turn this around to look like mine Thanks berlin!
  6. LLD 2019 Roster Moves

    You Can Try drops: Sam Bradford FA QB - no contract Jay Ajayi FA RB - no contract Josh Adams PHI RB - no contract Shelton Gibson FA WR - no contract Ray-Ray McCloud BUF WR - no contract Ed Dickson SEA TE - no contract Place on IR - Daurice Fountain IND WR - (no contract)
  7. MB League #1 12 teams

    This is by far the quickest draft I've ever been in. I'm guessing we'll wrap this up in a day or 2
  8. MB League #1 12 teams

    You in a hurry? We have 2 weeks to complete 4 more rounds.
  9. MB League #1 12 teams

    I went early and just grabbed Mahomes.. hoping QB won't be much of an issue for me
  10. MB League #1 12 teams

    Sorry guys, I'm shocked on how quickly this is going... I've never been the slowest guy in the draft before...
  11. 3.10

    Sorry for the hold up guys, had an emergency I had to tend to and was unable to get back to it in time. Sent my pick to Muto - Riley Ridley WR