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  1. Piranha Roster Thread - PROCESSED

    Sorry for the delay guys... Burrow - 4 Breida - 2 Cole Beasley - 3 Sammy Watkins - 3 Raiders Def - 1 Cut - Drew Sample, Josiah Deguara, John Hightower I think that should do it
  2. 2020 LLD Draft commentary

    Opie, need a wr? cleaned house
  3. 2020 LLD Draft commentary

    im on the clock, I don't mind moving down a bit if anyones interested. looking for more picks. and not in the 5th rd
  4. sorry for denying, thought you said you were willing to overpay lol

    1. Henry Muto

      Henry Muto

      I think you got me confused with someone else.

    2. Piranha


      sorry brother

    3. Piranha


      1. I did. and he lied anyway lol
  5. Thunderballs | electricrelish Year 2020 Draft Pick 4.11 You Can Try | Piranha Bell, Le'Veon NYJ RB Wed May 20 4:00 p.m. Comments: Thunderballs gives $40
  6. If interested make an offer
  7. If interested make an offer
  8. Tempting.. but I'm gonna keep him.
  9. 2020 LLD Franchise players list

    Melvin Gordon RB DEN I'm guessing we extended this? (The deadline for assigning the Franchise Tag to one of the players on your franchise is March 21st)
  10. who's returning?

    I'm in. Sorry been off the grid for a while
  11. Kyler Murray has no contract ?

    I thought I did this already? 4 yrs. Sorry about that
  12. FA Bid: Witten, Jason DAL TE - Piranha wins

    Sorry for the delay.. 2 yrs, cut Jaron Brown SEA WR Thanks