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  1. "Coach Piranha had a bad draft in the recent 2018 Huddle Message Board League draft." Fake news!
  2. K Mack: where's he playing this year

    Tough call. Looks like they're pushing for 2 first round picks for him. That's a hefty price to pay
  3. And that's a wrap
  4. If he is only checking in once a day, with 9 days til the season starts, and 14 rounds left.. I'm no math whiz but...
  5. aaaaand..... now we wait. again.
  6. Well played Bear... well played
  7. It’s telling me that we’re still waiting for your pick. I don’t think he’d kick you out
  8. Hell try the predraft
  9. first year in 23 years not playing FF

    Just don't take it so seriously. For me it's just a fun thing to do with old friends that I possibly wouldn't see or talk to as much in the off-season due to families and busy schedules.
  10. Corey Coleman traded to Bills

    Typical answer.. "Ain't mine officer". Yeah that'll work.
  11. MNF

    As a Bills fan, I am ashamed of the NFL officiating. Every week the officials seem to be in the headlines. That's not the way this sport is supposed to be. And the 'OOPS, OH WELL' explanation's are getting tiring.
  12. Lesean McCoy Hamstring Injury

    It'll be hard to keep Shady off he field, he'll want to play. But I can see them treading lightly with him this week.
  13. Michael Floyd

    This guy has been killing me.. benched him last week out of frustration