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  1. MNF

    As a Bills fan, I am ashamed of the NFL officiating. Every week the officials seem to be in the headlines. That's not the way this sport is supposed to be. And the 'OOPS, OH WELL' explanation's are getting tiring.
  2. Lesean McCoy Hamstring Injury

    It'll be hard to keep Shady off he field, he'll want to play. But I can see them treading lightly with him this week.
  3. Michael Floyd

    This guy has been killing me.. benched him last week out of frustration
  4. Week 7 Survivor

    CINC first, then NE
  5. The team should be locked once there are out of the playoffs. However, if you don't already have this rule in place.. you may be out of luck but make sure to add it for future seasons. Adding rules this late in the season is a no-no
  6. What do you need for MNF

    Hopkins to have a big night
  7. Wow

    Someone hit a german shepard on the northway in upstate NY at lunchtime today. Made me a little sad. Carry on.
  8. NFL Survivor Picks Thread WEEK 3

    3. NEP 2. GBP 1. TEN
  9. NFL Survivor Picks Thread WEEK 2

    Week 2: GBP Week 1: TEN
  10. Most Memorable NFL Game?

    The greatest come back in NFL history... no brainer. Go Bills!
  11. Could you miss a season for money?

    I could do it easily.
  12. Fair trade?

    A tad lopsided right now, but no reason for veto.