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  1. Johnson for Priest?

    Id would not make the trade since it is a keeper league and LJ is going ot be a Top 5 RB when he eventually gets the starting nod. Just a side note, people on here will not answer your questions or chew you out for posting in the wrong forum. These questions should go in Fantasy Football Advice Forum.
  2. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    This thread is pointless right now. It is too early in the season to be talking about Cadillac being the next LT2 and whether or not Vet is an idiot or a fantasy football genius. Give it time people. I could say Im a genius and told everyone that Stephen Davis would lead the league in rushing TDs. But then again, its only Week 3.
  3. TE Witten.... worthless?

    Witten is taking a seat on my bench until I see something from him. Heiden should be a nice pickup and I will start him this weekend against the Colts.
  4. Question about Grits

    Oh darn I guess Im better off just staying on it then. Id eat the box of cookies before they were sent and the reach around is a no go!
  5. Question about Grits

    I got put on Grits Ignore list cuz i asked who to start between Lefty @ Indy and Bulger @ Ari. It was a legitimate question so why was I put on his ognore list. Instead of just saying either Bulger or Leftwich, he put "you have ignored Primetime9287". BTW, how do you get off his list lol?
  6. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    Witten might be on this list he has a duplicate 1 catch 12 yard type performance!
  7. S.Davis

    He did play NE though...they are pretty tough against the run. I dont know if Im a believer as I probably will be shopping him this week.
  8. Shockeys Status?

    Anyone know? I really need him to sit this week out.
  9. Gators / Vols

    Yeah as a Gator fan Im sure the game was great, just as us beating Miami 10-7 was AWESOME! I was to busy watching the BC/FSU game anyway so it didnt really matter to me but the parts I did see werent all that exciting. Good win for the Gators though. If they get past UGA and LSU, an undefeated FSU/UF swamp visit is not out of question. FSUs only tough tasks left are @ UVA & @ Clemson. NC State will be a good game too. Other than that it is Syracuse, Duke, Wake Forest, & Maryland. Good luck as Im not one of the Nole fans that HATE the Gators. I HATE the Canes with a passion. I like when UF loses but it isnt something I wish for. (I pray "the U" loses every game every year)
  10. what do you need on MNF?

    I need Witten to get 82 yards and a TD...but thats only if Shockey doesnt play!
  11. Larry Johnson continues to impress

    darn Vermeil just give the kid the job! Hes the future in KC!
  12. Bulger or Lefty

    I got Bulger @ ARI and Left @ Indy Pass TDs: 4 points, 1 Point every 25 yards. Im leaning towards Lefty because I think that game will be a shootout. I may also be leaning towards Lefty becasue i have S. Jackson and want to see the Rams give him the ball! Im trying not to tell myself that. Let me know what you think. Game Predictions suggest Lefty all the way!
  13. Gators / Vols

    What a boring game, almost as bad as FSU/Miami but I at least enjoyed that one for some reason!
  14. Florida State vs. Boston Col.

    Haha that is true. However Hester did have 2 muffs in the game against FSU if I remember correctly, so maybe Deion really did help us out.
  15. Florida State vs. Boston Col.

    Yeah kinda like all the years FSU lost to Miami BTW...what gifts?