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  1. DMD likes Leftwich again this week.

    Im looking to start Lefty over Bulger this weekend so I hope DMD is correct. That'd be a sweet *** performance!
  2. Larry Johnson Arrested!

    I dont think this will have any fantasy impact whatsoever.
  3. Byron Leftwich Listed as "One Week Wonder"?

    Oh ok. I didn't pay attention to who wrote the stories. Whichever said he was a one week wonder must be hanging out with Ricky.
  4. McCallister's Backup

    Why does it really matter? And on a side might want Deuce's backup in case he puts up a 2.3 YPC on a consistent basis lol
  5. Long year for Alexander owners

    Alexander averaged over 5 YPC against JAX and Seattles defense isn;t any worse this year than it was in previous years. I see no reason to panic.
  6. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    If the Big Ten had an A$$, about 5 or 6 people kissed it in the Texas/Ohio State Thread. Does anyone want to take back what they said? Hmmm...Notre Dame beat the arguably best team in the Big Ten and Iowa St. is beating Iowa 16-3 as of right now. If Texas wins tonight... How about the mighty tough Big Ten?!! SEC and ACC kill the Big Ten, hands down. Edit: Iowa State 23 Iowa 3 Notre Dame 17 Michigan 10 Texas 25 Ohio State 22 Big 10
  7. Walker tears ACL

    I guess my Aaron Brooks for Driver trade is looking better and better.
  8. Who else got bloodied today?

    I had Alexander, S. Jackson, Witten, and Driver. Nasty... luckily Rudi and Bulger kept me in it just enough to allow me to have a prayer.
  9. Ohio State / Texas

    Hey SaintsFan...Id shhhhh until after the LSU game because right now you are down 17-7 in the 4th to a much weaker team than the #2 Longhorns that OSU just lost to lol. I don't mind you talking, but if my Noles were down and on the verge of losing, Id keep quiet. Edit: 17-14 now, you can almost talk again. LOL
  10. Ohio State / Texas

    Your guy hit 5 out of 6 and his only miss was a 50 yarder. He was due to miss, and the one he missed wasn't easy.
  11. Ohio State / Texas

    Edit: 23-22 UT Defense!! Edit 2: OSU
  12. Ohio State / Texas

    Wow...missed FG makes this game very interesting. Great game! Hats off to both teams. Id like to see a 23-22 UT win.
  13. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    I think its funny you made that age statement based off one player, Chris Weinke. I guess the Big 12 is a bunch of pu$$ies because they had a girl playing for one of thier teams (Colorado) Gimme a break dude :
  14. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    You should never talk about "shootouts" as Ohio St. is year in, year out, all defense and mediocre (that is a stretch) offense.
  15. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    Yeah I really sweated out that 62-10 victory. Anyway, good game being played right now against Texas (19-16) Ohio St. looks good but the Big 10 still sux. If we were judging conferences by one team, I think the Pac 10 would dominate.
  16. Ohio State / Texas

    Please...Please...Please...don't talk when you have no idea what you are talking about.
  17. Same old Moss?

    Collins better complete more than 47% of his passes if he is going ot be a top5 fantasy QB. If you ask me, Collins looked like crap besides the deep ball to Moss.
  18. Ohio State / Texas

    I dunno who will win as I am an ACC guy and havent seen much of the Big 10 or Big 12. I just know Ive seen some kid on Ohio State by the name of Ginn and he looks spectacular. I dont really care who wins. Id rather see Texas becasue I believe they will lose to either Oklahoma or A&M
  19. Ohio State / Texas

    At NC State and at Washington? You gotta be able to give something better than that! Texas and USC are good road games, but Washington and NC State? C'mon!
  20. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Alexander Owens Cadillac
  21. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    Whats going on Big Hugh! Hey quick question. I'm starting my 3 RBs (Alexander, Rudi, & Jackson) and I have to start 1 WR to go along with them. It's between Lelie (@ Miami) and Driver (@ Detroit). No points for reception and 1 point every 10 yards receiving, 6 for TD. Thanks a lot man!
  22. Which three WR are best?

    Jackson Driver Coles In that order...
  23. E James vs M Anderson

    Against Baltimore last year James had 92 total yards and a td. Id start him over Anderson 1. Because he is the only person in INDY at RB getting the ball and 2. He's a stud
  24. Jason Witten OR Dallas Clark

    Witten for sure!
  25. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    St. Louis Rams