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  1. Come and Get it Canes2004

    * War Chant *
  2. Weekly Projections & Start or Bench

    Projections always come out Wed and are updated Fri. Start/Bench is always Thursday
  3. Texas National Champs 2005 ?

    Just a Side note, Texas plays in the Big 12 Championship if they were to go undefeated. That could be another game they could potentially lose.
  4. Noles looking good..

    I agree Weatherford didn't look good at all. What was he, like 6 for 24 or something like that with an INT. I just think saying he is terrible is a little premature. He can't be any worse than Rix But like I said, hopefully Lee gets the start because he is much more athletic than Weatherford and who knows, he might even have a better arm. Edit: BTW, go IOWA Because I hate Ohio State and Michigan !!
  5. Well, opening night ruined

  6. Noles looking good..

    Lee and Weatherford should both get really good practice against The Citadel on Saturday in preparation to go into the game against Boston College.
  7. Noles looking good..

    LOL Weatherford is terrible? Wright will be a stud? They both played against great Ds in their first games...kinda hard to make assumptions. The Wright statement could be valid but the Weatherford one is not. I hope Lee gets the starting job though, he might be great and he really opens up the FSU offense. GO NOLES 1-0 and WON THE BIGGEST GAME OF OUR SEASON!!!
  8. Noles looking good..

    10-7 Halftime lead has me worried still especially when our QB has 14 yards passing.
  9. Huge Week for the Big Ten

    ACC has 5 teams in the Top 25 and that doesn't include Clemson and GA Tech that both beat Top 20 schools this weekend. Edit: And NC State is right on the bubble for Top 25.
  10. Portfolio Pool

    Colts: $115 Eagles: $110 Ravens: $100 Chiefs: $90 Rams: $85 = $500
  11. rate my team please?

    Grits is a girl dog
  12. Huge Week for the Big Ten

    Big Ten got a lot more hype in the off season than what it should have. The ACC and SEC are both better conferences than the Big Ten.
  13. Any new news on Steven Davis

    How about nobody start either one of them and just wait till Sunday.
  14. Well, opening night ruined

    You're Oakland Raiders should be more important than your FF team so it shouldn't matter. I dont see how you can say its ruined. It's Thursday night football and your home team is playing!!
  15. Pick your National Champion

    *War Chant* F-S-U! F-S-U! F-S-U!
  16. T Calico

    Well if you think 1 good season that included 3 monster games... 124 yards. 3 tds 233 yards, 3 tds 160 yards, 2 tds success, then I guess your right. IMO, neither one of them are proven. Bennett is 6'5 but he isn't nearly as athletic or fast as Calico. Part of this is you are a Bennett owner. If Calico stays healthy, him and Bennett will both have good seasons because of the Titans playing catch up, but I think Calico will be better. But Ive been high on Calico since he was a rook but he got injured last year, by what is an illegal hit this year (horse collar tackle) Edit: Hopefully they both have great seasons, more success for Tennessee
  17. T Calico

    Im a Tennessee fan and I drafted Calico in my league. I think if Calico stays healthy, he will put up better numbers than Drew Bennett. Remember, Bennett only started doing good whenever Volek came in as the starter. Calico is 6-3 and 220 lbs. He is a huge red zone target. Id draft him as a late WR (I got him 13th round) and just watch the situation. Tennessee does open up against Pitt and Baltimore, so hold onto him through those weeks because after that, there schedule is cake and they will be involved in A LOT of shootouts, most where they will lose.
  18. Giants @ Saints Game

    Heres the Link... Saints Game Moved
  19. Pacman Jones

    Manning with the play action fake, picked off by Pac Man Jones and returned for a td. After the kickoff, the Colts offense goes 3 and out, punts to the Titans 20, MUFFED by Pac Man Jones. Indy scores on the drive and never looks back!
  20. Pacman Jones

    And the Colts are going to suck because they went 0-5 in the preseason and got shutout by the Bengals.
  21. Pacman Jones

    We'll see how he does in the regular season. I have a feeling most of this is the product of 33 missed practices.
  22. Stephen Davis starting tonight?

    Yeah he did look good. The 2 carries inside the 5 messed up his YPC but his first 3 carries for 15 yards looked real good IMO.
  23. The Legend of Willie Parker

    And Shaun Alexander is going to lose his starting job in Seattle because he is only averaging 3.2 YPC in the preseason, which is the lowest on the team besides FB and QBs. Ben will be fine. He just has to be decent and Pitt will win. He doesn't have to do anything but being efficient. No 300 yard games, No 3+ td games. His job is EASY!
  24. Stop Rating Teams...

    Aaronvh....I was just looking at your team in your sig and if you arent in a keeper league you need to find a new league to play in. huh...Favre, McAllister, James, Johnson, Benson, Johnson, Walker, D. Jackson, S. Smith. You drafted with idiots. That can't be fun unless money is involved.
  25. Steven Jackson

    Id go for Jackson and Rudi which I did in my league. If you watched the preseason game against the Lions, Jackson rushed all the way down to about the 20 yard line, they gave him a breather, and when they got inside the 5, Faulk left and Jackson rushed it in. You had to love that. Don't worry about everything being said about Chris Perry. The Bengals franchise tagged Johnson, then signed him to a 5 year extension. Plus Johnson has a had a good preseason. They are both Tier 2 RBs in my opinion and will both be great options.