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  1. Tiki on PTI

    Bump Steven Jackson up over him!
  2. Peerless "I have no Peer" Price........

    If he gets picked up by a team that has a top #1 WR and he is used in the slot he could go back to his Buffalo days. He had nobody to throw him the ball in Atlanta and no other WR demanding attention.
  3. MNF - Rams vs. Lions - No Skybox?

    So is Jackson and that is why they are both all mine!! I'll take performances like that from Bulger and Jackson all year long. And Mike Martz is cut throat. He won't stop scoring until the game is over.
  4. Another Maddenism

    Did you hear him talking about inertia when Joey Harrington had what looked like a fumble? He sounded smart there...
  5. Stephen Jackson...

    I did!
  6. Stephen Jackson...

    Did you see the 64 yard run and the run in the beginning of the 2nd QTR? Not only can he cut back, he can accelerate nicely too. Watch some film from him at Oregon St. and all your questions will be answered.
  7. Stephen Jackson...

    92 total yards and a td in the 1st QTR against the Lions. Not too bad at all. Looks like he might be able to catch too.
  8. Fair is down!

    Fair went low for a tackle and caught Kevin Jones thigh snapping his neck back.
  9. Steven Jackson

    I'm really high on SJax but I agree with what Darin and Darmstro are saying. I have Lelie as my #1 but thats only because I can start 3 RBs (One being SJax ) and 1 WR.
  10. Menudo's Official 2005 NFL Predictions

    Pitt winning is a homer pick. Manning gets the monkey off his back this year since he won't have to play in NE this year.
  11. Priest....Question for KC fans

    They could just play like they did against Atlanta last year and let Priest get 4 tds and LJ gets 4tds. Id be happy with that kind of production from LJ.
  12. Panthers RB Situation

    I don't think anybody knows anything yet. One web site says Foster, the next says Davis. Week 1 should tell everything.
  13. TO Reaggravated Groin

    From Owens Aggravates Groin Injury Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid, following the team's preseason game Friday, Aug. 26, said WR Terrell Owens (groin) re-tweaked his groin against the Cincinnati Bengals. Reid said he would have more information on Owens' status Saturday, Aug. 27. "He just kind of reaggravated it a little bit," Reid said. Looks like that might be a season long injury that he is going to have to just play through. I may be wrong, but I don't think a groin can just heal up, you have to have a significant amount of time off of it. Time that TO and the Eagles can't afford right now. Sounds like the same thing LT2 had last year.
  14. TO Reaggravated Groin

    I agree. I was just wondering how I was trying to rain on TO and his owners parade. To say I like the guy, that would be a lie. I love him as an NFL player though. I even like the end zone celebrations. But I just really thought the Bengals D was awful. I had a feeling that was going to happen though. All this talk about the Eagles not being on the same page. And now there will be all the talk about the Eagles are easily going back to the Super Bowl. It's gotta be easy to be in the media. You just go along with whatever is happening.
  15. TO Reaggravated Groin

    Yeah, you gotta agree they looked horrible last night. Greg Lewis even had 72 yards and a td. Im not saying TO is gonna suck this year and I don't have any hatred towards TO. I think he is a steal in every league that he slips past the 2nd round. I was just putting the injury news up there because it was emailed to me. What I just couldn't understand last night is why the Bengals just let him blow by. Everyone associated with the NFL, knew that first play was going to him...except the Bengals? When you know what is coming, and you still don't stop it, that is terrible D!
  16. TO Reaggravated Groin

  17. Kyle Orton

    Kyle Orton should win this job easily. He would have been a first round pick in college if he hadn't completely fallen apart the 2nd half of his Purdue season. If I remember correctly, he was in the Heisman race before hitting rock bottom. Never understood that one.
  18. Clarett likely to be cut

    That's funny because in his interview on ESPN, they asked him if he was worried about not making the team and he was like "Naaah, Im gonna make it." He made it sound like he was already penciled in.
  19. Antonio Chatman leaves on a back board

    Read about it here... Rodney Harrison With Another Hard Hit
  20. Rodney Harrison With Another Hard Hit

    I was thinking the same thing. Chatman was going down and was pretty much out of the play. No need for him to be blocked like that. Warren Sapp and Donovan Darius would probably disagree with us.
  21. Reuban on my mind

    10 carries for 28 yards can't possibly be too gooood?!? Maybe it was because of his 34 yard catch Edit: Now William Green has 4 carries for 17 yards and a TD...he is not looking to bad! Edit2: William finished with 7 carries for 30 yards and a td.
  22. First pass to TO

    Like I said in another post, maybe we should be talking about how horrible the Bengals Defense has looked!
  23. What's your upset Pick in week one

    Might? We will get more than 4! They aren't gonna be as bad as a lot of people think. They will contend with Jax and Hou for #2 in the AFC South, I guarantee it! Edit: Not to mention with Losman at QB, Hou over BUF is one weak upset!
  24. TO Catches TD on 1st Play

    Yeah instead of TO, why dont we talk about how shi++y the Bengals D looks!