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  1. Stephen Davis

    Anyone believe this... (KFFL) KFFL has learned Carolina Panthers RB Stephen Davis (knee), who has been working with the first-team offense during practice this week, will be the team's opening day starter for the regular season if his surgically repaired knee continues to hold up. Davis has reportedly looked sharp in contact drills, though he hasn't taken a massive hit yet.
  2. How does your league pay out?

    Just offer prize money for high scorer of the week. We play prize money through Week 16 so that the people who don't make the playoffs or who don't have a chance to make the playoffs stay active. Everyone making the playoffs makes the season worthless.
  3. How does your league pay out?

    SB Winner: $ 650 2nd Place: $300 3rd Place: Money Back ($150) $20 per week to high scorer No money for having the most points unless you win high scorer in any given week.

    Yeah you shouldn't have even posted this. You gotta make this trade ASAP!~
  5. Jax on ESPN

    I saw that too. Not good for Fred.
  6. This ESPN draft on tv.....

    He's now added Panthers D/ST Boldin Hasselbeck What a joke...
  7. 10 reason why I detest fantasy football

    Jeeze, I would think you would be better than what you are if that is the case...
  8. 10 reason why I detest fantasy football

    I agree with some of the stuff he said but as long as you can make the statement made above, fantasy football is just a bonus!
  9. This ESPN draft on tv.....

    Lol I think the Schwab is doing awesome though. Here is his team... Edge Moss Holt Portis Tony G. J. Jones Bulger He definitely is winning this draft...
  10. S.O.F.A. Draft

    Sorry...don't use the smileys all that much!
  11. Because of this... Ouch I mean, Losman scares me enough but is he really able to play a full season with no problems?!?
  12. S.O.F.A. Draft

    You thought I was serious?!? C'mon dude! And Darin, you too?? LOL
  13. S.O.F.A. Draft

    Yeah hasn't Insights won 3 out of the past 4 years? Maybe I should sign up over there...
  14. Anyone Else Afraid to Draft McGahee...

    Not sure who you are talking about, because Pat Williams is a Defensive Tackle.
  15. Who will you absolutely not draft this year?

    QB: Vick RB: McGahee WR: TO TE: Kellen Winslow Jr. K: Any Gramatica D: Indy
  16. C.Brown & M.Anderson for McNabb?!?

    He can start up to 3 though.
  17. C.Brown & M.Anderson for McNabb?!?

    Is that what you are offerring or is that what was offered to you? Either way, I don't think I would do that trade. You already have Tom Brady. If you trade away Brown and Anderson, you are very thin at RB, seeing that you can start 3 of them. Foster is an injury waiting to happen. Maybe you should try and grab Shelton if he is available in Free Agency. if not, your #2 Flex Position isn't looking very strong when you get rid of Brown. Hope this helps...
  18. One of my favorite things about DMD/WW

    People actually try and pad their post count? That is lame. Ive been with the huddle since 2000 and over 600 posts (that includes my old user name) is good enough for me! I really hope people don't feel more respectable or "better" than anyone because they have 1000+ posts cuz if they do they are the ones being laughed at
  19. RE: too late?

    The funny thing is that he probably could have picked up a few of those WRs that DMD listed in his Free Agency. I know guys like Morton, Patten, Engram and Bradford are available in my league. So those Tier 5 WR Picks coming out could still help his team if he took advantage of it instead of complaining. That guy is a joke and Im thinking he just said what he said to try and get a reaction out of everyone (at least I hope...)
  20. Those darn off weeks ...

    Id almost rather have all my stud players off the same week because then you have one week without them as opposed to Week 3 without KJ, then Week 4 (for example) without Dom Davis. Id rather lose one week and then have all my big guns together the rest of the year. Not saying I draft to get everyone the same bye week though...
  21. Spain...Any input on C. Brown/Henry situation

    yep just throwing opinions around!!
  22. Spain...Any input on C. Brown/Henry situation

    I disagree 100%
  23. Anyone want a copy of the Miami

    That got blown way out of proportion. Just ask Saban. You never forgot something in your life?
  24. Back-up RB value

    LJ Henry Moore Shelton Jacobs Najeh