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  1. The "No Huddle" on NFL Network

    Yes I think you are talking about the guy that has a really, REALLY bad lisp. That is the only problem with that show. He drives me crazy.
  2. Spain...Any input on C. Brown/Henry situation

    Brown had a good game against the Falcons D that was missing about 2 or 3 of their big name starters (Brady Smith and Patrick Kerney) Brown missed the first game with a sore hamstring, and Henry missed the second game with a very minor toe injury that he and Fisher both said he would easily play through if it were the regular season. Brown looked good between the 20's. But once again, when they got inside the 10 and tried to give him the ball he got knocked backwards because he wasn't getting down low. That is where Henry is gonna do the most damage on Tennessee. He is going to get a lot more TDs than Brown will get because of the power he provides. If you got to see the game against the Bucs, Henry only had 4 carries for 12 yards but he popped someone everytime he touched the ball. Being a Tennessee fan, I would try and stay away from this situation. But if I had to take one of these 2, I would take Henry because... 1. I'm not thinking Brown will last the entire season because of injury or he will just lose the job to Henry. 2. You can get Henry about 2-4 rounds later than you can get Brown. Hope this helps...
  3. LT has 1 carry

    Yeah it was a joke. Maybe Archuletta was on crutches after LT2 gave him a quick juke that about made Archuletta fall down. Rams Rush D looked bad, REAL BAD! It wasn't just LT2 eating them up.
  4. LT has 1 carry

    Yes, that one.
  5. LT has 1 carry

    Thats why Alexander should put up at least 300 yards rushing in the 2 games he plays STL!!
  6. Gates to report tomorrow?

    I'd bet money that Gates plays Week 1 if he shows up tomorrow.
  7. Okay, draft done, I'm drunk

    I like the team. I thinkLelie will be one of your starting WRs by week 3. The only thing I dont like is your depth at RB. You better hope Priest goes down or Bennett loses the job or you might be in trouble come bye weeks.
  8. Gates misses reporting deadline

    Glad I stuck with the TRUE #2 TE, Witten!
  9. Is anyone else here a "closet huddler"?

    I don't think the huddle is the reason for my success in fantasy football. Don't get me wrong, it is a great site. But I just use the huddle to read the boards and all the articles written by DMD and WW. I always base my decisions on my gut, not a websites projections. 2 of the other guys in my league use the huddle, and another guy in my league from last year, used the huddle. None of them have won anything. And only one of them has made the playoffs. So I don't keep it a secret because I dont feel this site is the 100% reason I make the playoffs every year. BTW: DMD, I hope you guys made the start/bench list like it was about 4 years ago when it was free. You guys broke down almost every player. The past couple years you guys just would say "He's a stud, start him". Even if he is a stud, Id like some kind of analysis.
  10. Alright guys, I was just offered the following trade... I give up: LT2 and Lamont Jordan for Shaun Alexander and Rudi Johnson. To me, Shaun Alexander and LT2 are very close to each other this year, with the slight edge to LT2 of course. So I am debating how much better Rudi would be over Lamont Jordan. Rudi does have an easier schedule, especially during the playoff weeks. I think Lamont could either blow up or be a bust. I really don't know which one I would rather have. Any info would be great. Also I heard Chris Perry might take away carries from Rudi. Thanks guys.
  11. Just Traded A. Brooks...

    Alright here is the trade guys... I Trade: A. Brooks I Get: D. Brees & D. Driver My Team is in my signature. 1 point every 25 yards passing. 1 point every 10 yards rush/rec. Pass TD = 4, Rush TD = 6. I needed some better depth at WR so I think it was a pretty good trade for me. Just wondering what you guys think because the owner offered this trade to me adn I accepted.
  12. Stealing LJ

    I went into my draft thinking he would go 4th or 5th round and I wasn't going to steal him that early. But he was there the first pick in the 9th round so I went ahead and grabbed him after the Priest owner made an idiotic move and took Barlow over him.
  13. Deuce tonight

    Hey Im not complaining. It made it a fun game to watch. If an injury is gonna happen, it's gonna happen whether its preseason or first play of the regular season. I kinda wish more teams would play that way.
  14. S. Jackson

    I said total, not rushing. Not to mention the fact Marshall was hurt at least 2 games a season, in his "prime". If Jackson starts and plays a full 16 games, 1300 yards rushing and 200 receiving is not out of question. He only opens the season up with games against SF, Ari, Ten, NYG, Sea, Indy and NO. That is 7 bad run D's. He might have 1000 by week 8.
  15. S. Jackson

    I got him as my #3 RB behind LT2 and Jordan in a league where I can start 3 RBs. Im really pumped about him and I love his schedule. Im expecting over 1500 total yards and 12-14 tds.
  16. Bulter out for season

    Either way im set, I have Bulger and S. Jackson.
  17. Bulter out for season

    Note to Self: Bulger will be passing even more now!
  18. This video will get you excited for some football!

    Id already seen that before, but yes, thats what Im talking about!
  19. Sleeper WR's? Who are you feeling?

    I like Ashley Lelie a lot this year. He had over 500 yards his rookie season, over 600 his 2nd Year and over 1000 his 3rd year. His tds have also increased each year. As a Deep Sleeper I like Tyrone Calico. He's due for a monster year if he stays healthy!
  20. This video will get you excited for some football!

    I think that video was pretty bad. The band jumping around screaming supposed to pump you up? Where are the hard hits and big plays???
  21. Here's the team Guys...

    Alright guys, I had my big money league draft on Thursday. Just curious to hear your thoughts on the team. I had the #1 pick in a 10 Team Redraft League (1-10, 10-1 Format). Our scoring is 1 point every 10 yards rush/rec & 1 point every 25 yards passing. 4 pts for Pass TDs and 6 Points for Rush/Rec TDs. Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, D/ST QBs: *Bulger (4th), Brooks (11th), Leftwich (14th) RBs: *LT2 (1st), *Jordan (2nd), *S. Jackson (3rd), L. Johnson (8th), T. Henry (9th), E. Shelton (13th) WRs: *Lelie (6th), Stokley (10th), Calico (12th), Stallworth (15th), Gardner (16th), Randle El (17th) TEs: *Witten (5th) K: *Hanson (18th) D/ST: *Ravens (7th) * Starters I know everyone will probably say something about how weak my WRs are, but I only will start 1 each week and I have high hopes on Lelie. Also, I am having talks about making a trade LT2 and Jordan for S. Alexander & Rudi. If you guys want to give me your take on that, it would also be appreciated. Thanks for the help!
  22. Here's the team Guys...

  23. Here's the team Guys...

  24. Here's the team Guys...

  25. Traded Steven Jackson for Reggie Wayne

    I don't like it all! Steven is a stud and will have lots of consistency this year. You dont know what your going to get with Wayne each week with Harrison, Stokley and Clark playing next to him.