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  1. I am looking for ACTIVE owners for a new league that I will be commissioner of. I am from Florida, so the design, divisions, league name are all Florida based. You do not have to live in or be from FL to join though.


    The league basics: 12 Team Standard 1 PPR (All positions), All TDs 6 pts, Online Slow Draft.

    Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex, 1 TE, 1 D/ST (No kicker)

    BBid Waivers/ Victory Point Standings

    Here is a portion of my Welcome Message Board:

    "I am a huge fan of fantasy football. I am currently in 2 other dynasties and I usually play in a redraft or 2 with a couple guys from this league. I am always one of, if not the most, active guys in my league. I always have my phone on me and all my FF emails come straight to my phone. As commish, I will always be able to respond to any matter right away. I am looking forward to a great league. I have set out to bring in only the most active owners. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than having trades expire, owners not return personal messages, etc. I am not asking owners to check into the site everyday (especially during the off-season), but what I do ask is that you have a working email that you check daily (it is 2013) and you respond to other owners in a timely fashion. If you have text messaging and are willing to leave your mobile # on the site, owners like myself won't be afraid to text message you regarding deals.


    I am looking at starting the draft the day after week 3 of the preseason ends (August 26). The reason for this is starters usually sit Week 4. I want to try and eliminate as much of a chance for the injury bug this offseason as possible. Percy Harvin owners around the world would thank me . It also will allow me a good week and a half to fill out the league and receive all payments. If you accept the invite, please pay within 48 hours. If you do not, I will look to find another owner. I will be prompt with all winnings. Being in other leagues, one of my pet peeves is having to wait on winnings weeks and weeks. I will send out all winnings via paypal within a week of the championship game in Week 16. It will most likely arrive the Wednesday following once all stat corrections have been inputted from the NFL."

    A couple things that may be unfavorable to some: No trades during inaugural draft. Trading starts after draft concludes. League is paypal, not leaguesafe.

    The league will cost $155 per year ($142.50 towards winnings pot, $7.50 towards web-site to run league, $5 for paypal fees). For the initial year, the fees will be $210 + paypal fees. This will cover the $150 fees plus a $50 deposit for 2014 + $10 for site design. Each year after 2013, the fees will return to $150 + paypal fees ($100 balance for that year + $50 deposit for the next year). This will help to deter owners from bailing at the end of the season. If an owner does decide to leave, the deposit that has been paid will be used as a discount for the incoming owner.

    $150 x 12 = $1800 - $90 hosting fees = $1710 100% payout. (The hosting fee will go down after year 1. I set the league up past the discounted price. After year 1, hosting fee should only be $70 because I will renew early. Additional $20 in year 2 and beyond will go to Champion totalling $930.)



    1st place Champion = $910

    2nd place Runner Up = $450

    3rd place = $200

    4th Place = $75

    Consolation Bowl Winner = $75

    PM me for details.

  2. I am running a $30 PPR Redraft League on Yahoo. I will be using leaguesafe to assure all league money is safe and will be paid out to the winners at the end. Payout break down and rules are as follows...


    12 Teams

    1 pt PPR All positions

    Standard .1 for every 10 yards rushing/receiving and 1 pt every 25 yards passing (.04 per yard)

    4 pts for Passing TDs, 6 Pts for Rush/rec tds

    -2 for INTs and Fumbles Lost


    Standard DEF/ST Scoring - 6 pts all tds, 2 pts for FR, INTs and Safeties, 1 pt for Sacks

    Total Points Allowed


    0 = 10 pts

    1-6 = 7 pts

    7-13 = 4 pts

    14-20 = 1 pt

    21-27 = 0

    28 - 34 = -2 pt

    35 + = -5 pts


    Starting Requirements


    1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST


    10 starters, 10 bench players (20 round draft)


    Playoffs Week 14-16, Top 2 in Standings receive byes


    Payout (12 * $30 = $360)


    1st - $200

    2nd - $80

    3rd - $30

    Highest Scorer of the Year (16 weeks) - $50


    Email me at if interested...


    Edit: League Fee must be paid before draft!

  3. Hmm . .


    I know McClain was moved back to FB, but I thought he was also going to get some goal line carries and be a serviceable vulture. With how smooth Rice looked last night, I dont know how they can take him out . ..


    Ray Rice could be Top 10 RB in PPR this year. Non-PPR, I project Top 15

  4. not implying nothing's wrong with him, but I was watching that game and he stayed in for IIRC, 5 or 6 plays after he started limping FWIW. I was channel surfing though.


    They actually said he hurt it, stayed in and played more plays, and then really hurt it again on the 3rd INT from Orton. He dove to make a tackle on the play and came up gimpy. Hopefully its not Ronnie Brown version 2. Thats the same way he tore his ACL. I think it'll turn out to be minor.

  5. His wife said she hadnt talked to him for 3 days. He had an Escalade registered in both his name and the other victims name. He wasn't hiding anything. It sounds like to me a split in their marriage, where they hadn't filed the divorce papers. Mechelle (his wife) could have known about the girl and was ok with it because she knew of the divorce. In that sense, McNair didn't do anything wrong except pick the wrong new g/f. Lets not jump to conclusions people...

  6. Not sure how many people are on the Pierre Thomas bandwagon but I absolutely love the start by #6 pick.







    I would have rolled with SJax over Forte, but all in all I think thats a great start. Pierre is going to surprise some people this year. Jennings and Marshall should be Top 10 WRs in PPR.


    Our boys at thehuddle are off to a good start. But I agree, Id have taken Roddy and Bowe ahead of Colston. Still a good WR1 tho.

  7. RBs have flattened. No value there at all. No value at QB either - way too early.


    Boldin would be a solid pick. Too early for Bowe. Bryant and Marshall are way too dicey. Gonzalez is some tremendous value right now, and if were my draft I'd be very, very hard pressed to pass on him there.


    If this were a dynasty Id be looking at Bowe, Marshall and then Boldin. But with it being PPR redraft, I think the easy choice is Welker. 100+ catches again, and tds back to the 6-9 range with Brady back under center. $$$


    If, at the end of the regular season, two or more clubs in the same division finish with identical won-lost-tied percentages, the following steps will be taken until a champion is determined.


    Two Clubs

    Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs).

    Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.

    Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games.

    Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.

    Strength of victory.

    Strength of schedule.

    Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.

    Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.

    Best net points in common games.

    Best net points in all games.

    Best net touchdowns in all games.

    Coin toss

    Three or More



    Titans have won more "common games" than the COlts.


    hmmm...Ill have to look at that. Dont they play pretty much the same schedule? Either way, thanks for the response!

  9. Maybe I am missing something. But Im a Titans fan and I was looking at the standings.


    Tennessee is 12-2


    Indy is 10-4


    If Tennessee goes 0-2 and Indy goes 2-0 (they play each other Week17), they would both be 12-4...


    Head 2 Head they would be 1-1


    They would both be 4-2 inside the Division


    Indy would have a better Conference Record at 10-2 as opposed to TEN at 8-4.


    The only thing Tennessee would have on Indy is NON-Conf. TEN is 4-0 and Indy is 2-2.


    What am I missing???



  10. God, I love seeing Portis in all these, considering I got him in the 9 slot. And for some reason I have never been high on him, but I knew since he was available and I needed at least one "main" back (get the lions share of carries) I went with him. Went WR/WR after that and it has worked out well...


    Thank you Portis!


    I have Barber and Portis in my dynasty. Think how I feel...



  11. because carney can barely get it past the 10 yard line on kickoffs...which is gonna bite this team in the arse one of these days. i say find a way to keep both and use Tynes on kickoffs and 50+ yarders


    and from what ive read is Tynes knee is swelling every time he works it sounds like he is a few weeks away


    What about the Punter :wacko:

  12. Dynasty league - that definitely changes things!


    Do you have a decent enough roster compared to the rest of the managers to stay competitive this year and have a shot at the championship? It's really up to you. Edwards IMO is someone to have down the road. If you're looking to win now, I wouldn't do it.


    With Edwards...Id still start