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  1. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    And the problem with that is? If they are going to have some inane, mindless prattle going on forcing me to miss plays The least that they can do is let me laugh at Joe for asking a pair of tits for a kiss.
  2. Betting League

    at a time
  3. Betting League

    She only has one?
  4. Desperate in Detroit...

    Lack of health insurance.
  5. Trade Offers

    I believe in selling high just for that reason.
  6. What's that little red light...

    THe real question is: was it losing Moss or losing the OC?
  7. Sure he'll start, but what about the rest of the game plan.
  8. I am benching him for Eli. Not as much upside, but also not as much risk.
  9. Betting League

    I think you need to temper this. Remember the Bucs picked up Hovan, who would have a pretty good read on the Minn o-line.
  10. Just a quick note

    Snapped Davis up in all my IDP leagues, as soon as it sunk (two weeks ago) in that Cowart was the starter in the middle.
  11. Betting League

    Am I the only one who has trouble with this statement? Was your TV not working last week?
  12. Betting League

    penalty is ok with me. Det -1 over Chi. Detroit looked good, and I don't think Orton is quite ready yet. If it was more than 1 pt, I may not have bitten. SD +3 over Den. After Denver's performance last week, I would have even taken the spread the other way around. SD is looking good still, and I don't think Den has had time to fix their defense yet. STL +1 over Phx and the 'Over'. Shoot out in the desert. Martz got embarrassed last week. He may suck, but his team doesn't. I don't they'll blow it two weeks in a row. StL has too many weapons.
  13. King Of The Mountain

    San Diego
  14. Betting League

    I only found 3 that looked like locks, so I doubled up on one. I was going to caveat that with that's coming from a guy thats 2-2. Then I remembered Trotter.
  15. Colts IDP

    Geez, do they anyone left
  16. Groin strain
  17. betting league

    OK, who paid off Trotter.
  18. Trotter Ejected

    Thank God I had Adams on my bench. Just changed my lineup
  19. And now it sounds like its not even the hammy.
  20. MNF?

    Is it just me or is Madden even stupider this year
  21. Galloway

    Griese and Galloway started clicking at the end of the season. The only question is can Galloway stay healthy.
  22. betting league

    Its simple, there is a higher percentage chance of the other games beating the spread that this one beating the spread. I thought about picking StL, but the other 4 were more of a lock.
  23. Post your FF affiliated activities

    Eating... Breathing... Living... Fantantasy Football. If there any time left over from those three FF activities goes to managing 4 IDP leagues 7 Keeper leagues 3 other contests