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  1. Need owners for $210 RTSports victory points FFPC style auction for Saturday night, Sept. 2 at 8:15 pm ET. FFPC rules and scoring, along with victory points standings scoring. will handle prizes and payouts. To enter, email to reserve your spot today!
  2. Hello there, I need owners for two CBSSports fantasy football leagues next week. FFPC style $150 & 250 drafts, 1.5 PPR for tight end, 1 point ppr everywhere else $250 draft is Tuesday August 29, $150 is Wednesday August 30. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 DEF $1000 free agent bidding 13 weeks of head to head play, 3 weeks of total points playoffs. Top two regular season teams win prizes, top three in playoffs win money. LeagueSafe will hold the money and distribute prizes. Need 4 for the $250 draft, need 1, maybe two for $250 draft. If interested, reply here or email today!
  3. Need 9 owners for ESPN Fantasy Football Auction for Wednesday, August 9! The SBFFC has started a $175 fantasy football auction league for Wednesday, August 9. scoring and rules apply, dual flex and 6 points for all touchdowns! $200 salary cap and you can win up to $1000+ this season, there will also be $25 high point total weekly winners for each week of the 13 week regular season. Prizes and payouts will take place on, head to head playoffs and regular season! Any questions or if you want to join, email
  4. Need owners for $100 RTSports style satellite draft this Sunday night! The next regular style satellite draft will be on Sunday night, August 6. Buy in is $100, win up to $700! $1100 in total prizes in this victory points style hybrid head to head/total points draft. rules, lineup structure and scoring apply here. It is a great way to get ready for the SBFFC draft on Saturday, August 19. is the avenue of payment, click the LeagueSafe link or the blue link below to join today! Once payment is made, the SBFFC will send you an invite to join on RTSports. No mock drafts needed, if you want to join email now!
  5. Openings for CBS Sports leagues, $150 & $250 buy in, sign up today! I have openings for FFPC style scoring $250 league, with FFPC 1.5 point per PPR for tight ends, Dual FLEX. Win up to $1700, most total points for the playoffs! This league will take place on Tuesday, August 29. Any questions, email today. I also have a CBS Sports $150 FFPC scoring draft on Wednesday, August 30, same format as above $250 league. ONE SPOT remains for this league. Email today for me to send LeagueSafe and CBS links. And there is a $150 regular PPR draft on CBS Sports on Friday, Sept. 1. ONE SPOT remains for this league. Any questions, email today.
  6. BFFC PLAYOFF CHALLENGE 2016 is here! $50 per entry, 8 different drafts! DraftExperts format, so who you get is who will score points. No add/drops or trades. scoring and lineup structure. 6 teams per draft. Draft dates will be every night, you pick the draft night. Or sign up for a slow extended draft. Goal is to have 8 different drafts before the NFL playoffs. Two drafts for each day on Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday morning. Or pick your draft time. Or sign up for a slow, extended draft. Please tell me what night you want to draft. Prize Payouts: Each individual division winner most points wins $150. ($1200)-Or 1st place overall (most points) $650 2nd place overall (most points) $325 3rd place overall (most points) $100 LeagueSafe will be the avenue of payment. Rules to know: 1. Each draft room will be assisted by a live facilitator. He / she will provide a phone number. If you experience technical issues, this # will be helpful to continuing the draft and selecting your players, so please write this number down. 2. Draft a team of any players available in the draft room. ANY MEANS ANY COMBINATION. There are NO SPECIFIC ROSTER REQUIREMENTS. 3. Draft players in a serpentine fashion 1-6, 6-1, 1-6 etc. for the full 16 round draft. 4. 1 minute is allowed per pick. If the time limit is reached, the software will select a player for you. 5. If you make a selection in error, contact the facilitator as soon as possible. Any player selected by another person after your pick, will not be reversed. However, a different player may be selected. This is evaluated on a case by case basis and we make no guarantees about our ability to help you. 6. We try to accomodate technical issues during the draft, however help is left up to the sole discretion of the draft facilitator who oversees the draft. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, internet etc, you should contact the facilitator by phone. 7. You do NOT need to submit a lineup each week, the software will optimize your lineup to ensure your best team starts. We are using SBFFC's official Lineup of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1TE, 2 FLEX (rb-wr-te) 1PK and 1DST. This is the maximum amount of starters at each position. 8. If your only player at a position is eliminated, the software will submit a partial lineup for you. 9. Each league consists of 6 teams. Only 1 team is allowed per owner, per league. 10. Each league will have one $150 winner. This is the team that scores the most total points for the playoffs. 11. The contest will run from Wildcard Weekend through the Super Bowl. 12. The Top 3 cumulative points for the entire playoffs will win our 3 playoff prizes! Ties will result in prize money being split evenly among tied teams. 13. No limit to the number of drafts you can enter. 14. SLOW DRAFT RULES: 4 HOUR TIMER, (only 1 4 hour timer on the end of each round, not 8 hours to make both picks). If drafts are not complete by Friday 6pm EST, the timer will move to a 1 hour timer and if need be, we will continue to scale the timer back. (30 minutes, 15 minutes etc) 15. Any other questions, contact Dr. Harwood,
  7. Fantasy Football $50 Playoff Pick Em' Challenge is Back I am bringing back the ONE PER TEAM PLAYOFF CHALLENGE for the 2017 season. The cost this season is $50 per entry or 3 entries for $125. Last year's winner won $1,050...This year it is your turn! When the NFL playoff teams are officially announced next Sunday night January 1, you may add/drop players to your team. Same rules and scoring as last year..You pick EXACTLY one player per NFL playoff team while filling out a lineup of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 DEF/ST. You cannot pick more than one player off the same NFL playoff team (If you pick Tom Brady you may not pick Julian Edelman). Once the contest begins Saturday, January 7 you cannot make any add/drops for the duration of the contest and rosters will be locked. The contest will have scoring with 6 points per passing touchdown. Here is a link to the rules page and more information on RTSports: Here is the link for you to pay on : Any questions or if you want to join the contest officially, please let me know, email me at
  8. Need more teams. ,email today
  9. Hello there, got two more fantasy football leagues I am setting up. One league is on CBSSports, $250 buy in. FFPC rules (Dual flex, 1.5 point PPR for tight ends)--Starts Tuesday Sept. 6 at 7 pm eastern time, win up to $1600! 2nd league takes place at 9:15 pm eastern time, FFWC rules (Dual flex, start 3 WR and 11 players total). This league is $100 buy in. Win up to $800! will be the avenue of buy in and payment for both leagues. First twelve owners that sign up will play in the leagues, email to sign up today!