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  1. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    Arrrrrrgh!!!!! The scallywag Gutlessdog from Sin City pirated away with me prized target, Cabin Boy Stafford. So, time to steer me ship broadside up to the garbage scow known as No Ho, No How, and stuff matey Wentz off the poop deck. He'll be hung from me main mast if he does't perform!!!!! Plundarrrrrrr Completed for the Black Pearl !!!!! Thanks to Kid Krump for keepin' the ships afloat!!!!!
  2. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    No Ho - Let the curses of A Dalton befall ye all!!!!!
  3. WELCOME TO THE QUEST FOR SURVIVAL - 2019Pool RulesPicksNumber of games per week required to pick: 1Game StyleSuicide/Survivor Style - One loss (or tie) and you're knocked out! You CANNOT pick the same team twice. This game lasts until the end of the regular season - or until there is a sole survivor. If a sole survivor is determined early enough (per discussion) in the NFL season, pool entrants will be asked if they want to start fresh with another entrance fee and start up the pool again.SpreadsPoint spreads are NOT used scoring picks. All picks should just be the game winners by the final scoreWeightsNo weights/confidence values are used in this pool.Monday Night Football Tie-BreakThis pool does not use a Monday Night Football Tie-BreakScoringWIN = 2 points, TIE = 1 point, LOSS = 0 pointsHowever, scoring has no bearing on winning/losing the pool.StandingsThe final standings will be calculated using the total points from ALL weeks.Pick DeadlineThe pick deadline is Sunday at 12 Noon (Eastern). For selecting games earlier in the week, you must select that game prior to the scheduled kickoff of that game. AdministrationEntry fee for the pool is 25 "units". The owner who has successfully achieved the Quest for Survival (hence, the last one standing), will receive the total of all entry "units" less 20 "units" to be delivered to the website provider.If everyone is knocked out early enough, we will pole everyone to see if we will re-start up again during the season. Deadline for entry fee is 5pm (Eastern) 9/4/19 (1st Kickoff is 9/5/19). My address is 534 Sperry Blvd. New Hyde Park, NY 11040 for snail mail. For Paypal, use hjltax_at_aol.com (replacing "_at_" with "@"). Send as a gift and don't mention Pool, etc. in the payment. You can also VENMO me. Use @Howard-Leeds. Let me know your Pool Host nickname for the pool w/ the payment. INVITE:You are being invited to join 'QUEST FOR SURVIVAL 2019'.In order to join, you must:Click on this link and login or create an account: http://www.poolhost.com/joinpool/0/20514/sinkorswimOR1. Login or create an account at http://www.poolhost.com.2. Go to the 'Pool Tools' menu and choose 'Join a Private Pool'.3. Choose 'Pro Football Pick'em'.4. To Join the pool you need to enter the Pool ID and Pool Password.a. For the Pool ID # type: 20514b. For the Pool Password type: sinkorswimc. That's it! The next time you login in to http://www.poolhost.com, you can get back to your pool(s) by going to 'My Pools' where you'll see all the pools you've joined. Clicking on a pool name will take you to that pool. You can switch to a different pool by going to 'My Pools' again at any time.
  4. Over 60 signed up - Prize s/b over 1500 Keep em coming
  5. IDP Dynasty Cheatsheet

    As long as you don't pick the guys I'm going to pick....
  6. Over 1,200 committed to prize - winner take all! Who else is jumping in???
  7. Th' Pirate Code

    W/ respect to Article 8 - Trades May a team trade for a player using blind bidding dollars (pieces of eight) or a player plus blond bidding dollars?
  8. Rolling Th' Bones

    LOL! Bump all but one down a notch!
  9. Rolling Th' Bones

    On August 8, 2019 FWmaker rolled 5D1000 FWmaker chose to roll using these parameters once. The result of roll 1 is: [315, 668, 970, 654, 912] 3519 This roll is for Black Sails Dice Roll
  10. Privateer waiting list

    I be willin' to join, scallywags! Marauders of Island Long Q - Rules clarification - Blind Bidding Dollars cannot be traded? Q2 - pretty sure, but cannot trade inter-league - FDutchman to Black Pearl, correct?
  11. Any of you in NY City?

    Two things... Katz's Deli is closing The Meatball Shop! Awesome place (I think they have 5 locations and there was talk of opening 1 in Los Angeles.
  12. Capt Skinman!


    Three people left Outraged and we are looking for new owners. Interested? You'd be welcome!




  13. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    just dropped Harrington for a toaster.
  14. Attn Eagle Fans - Need More Owners

    Unbelievable as it may seem, I must admit wholeheartedly with what Sarge said. In fact, it should be amplified. Free Leagues, Birds, and their fans, all suck.
  15. looking for a name.....

    2 division names for work teams? hmmmm..... Slackers Brown-Nosers
  16. What kinds of mischief have you pulled?

    Relative #1 I must've been about 10 yrs old. Hated that my Grandpa smoked cigarettes. So I bought some cigarette loads from a novelty store & sabotaged one of his camels in the pack. Waited 3+ hours for that baby to go off. No good. Went back to my house. My grandparents went out for a fancy dinner with another business associate & wife. Dessert came, butt was lit up & POW! Heard that my Grandmother jumped under the table. Boy, did I get it and get it good! Relative #2 I used to set up a firecracker in a pile of fresh dog sh*t while walking my dog (pre pooper scooper days). Then sometime later, maybe 10 minutes, maybe 2 hours (it didn't matter), I'd set my brother up by lighting up the delayed fuse and calling him over. There'd always be a convenient tree for me to duck behind just as the sh*t went flying. Co-worker My co-workers computer had an anti-glare screen that fit over his normal monitor screen (you know, the type that had its own top, sides & bottom that fit like a glove over the existing screen). I had taken it off, got a piece of black vinal from a computer binder and cut it to fit the dimensions of the anti-glare screen. Slapped it back on. Co-worker turned computer on, off and on again, made sure everything was plugged in, checked that the green indicator light of the moitor was on. He called IT (who knew about the joke). They told him that it was his fault and that it would be indicated on some kind of report. By the time he found out the problem, he wanted to kill anyone and everyone who came by his office.
  17. Hakim already booted

    http://story.scout.com/a.z?s=93&p=2&c=388391 BREAKING NEWS: Hakim Headed to Saints Hakim backed out of his deal with the Chiefs. By Nick Athan Publisher Date: Jun 17, 2005 Warpaint Illustrated has learned that wide receiver Az-Zahir Hakim has decided to sign a contract with the New Orleans Saints. The deal could be announced as soon as today. Late this morning Warpaint Illustrated was tipped off that the deal went south. According to our source, Hakim briskly left town and indicated that he would not be coming to Kansas City after contract talks failed to yield a long term deal that he had hoped to get from the Chiefs. Apparently Hakim and his agent hit a snag in those understood contract talks. Both Hakim and his agent left town after the talks broke off with the Chiefs. His agent Bruce Tolner quickly called the Saints and they remained interested in acquiring the former Detroit Lions receiver. This was an unusual change of heart for Hakim who professed his love for the Chiefs organization and Head Coach Dick Vermeil. He clearly wanted to play for them two days ago. But in the NFL money talks and the two sides could not reach an agreement on the terms of the contract. Though Hakim was not expected to be a starter; the team is looking for a veteran receiver to compete for the #3 position. According to our source at Arrowhead, the decision for Hakim to sign with the Saints was the direct result of a conversation between Hakim and Vermeil. Both felt that the Saints would give him a better long term situation then playing just one-year in Kansas City with no guarantees of a long term contract. After that conversation, the Chiefs and Hakim agreed to part ways mutually. With this development, Kansas City might turn its attention back to former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell or the Seahwaks Koren Robinson. Stay tuned to Warpaint Illustrated for more news from training camp on this developing story.
  18. Which Player, Which Game

    Was originally thinking football, but my thoughts drifted to baseball. I guess Reggie Jackson in the 1977 3HR World Series game on 3 consecutive swings vs. the Dodgers would do it for me. I also thought of either Mike Eruzione or Jim Craig in the USA Hockey Defeat of the Ruskies in 1980.
  19. Royals sweep the Yankees

    Ursa, its right that you think that I have integrity and all that.... But.... YANKEES ARE #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Powers that Be....

    WW or DMD or whomever does this sort of thing nowadays: Could you add ConeysCombo, member #6332 to be a co-moderator of my league? League name: Poles N' Holes. League Message Board Page. Thank you. Also.....how can you get your default profile to show anything more than the last 30 days of message board activity? Thanks again, FWmaker
  21. Powers that Be....

    WW - I does NOT appear to have been done. Also, would you please answer the question posted above?
  22. Powers that Be....

  23. Old Post

    Guys I've got a link to an old thread: www.thehuddleleagues.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=18;t=000027 Is there any way to access it (or reproduce it?) Thanks, FWmaker