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  1. Seriously, do you people know how much dedication it takes to be a six time champion?

  2. USC v. Oregon - Spread?

    In My opinion, there is no excuse for USC not to cover vs anyone. Offensively, NO ONE can stop them. I don't even think they can stop themselves, because even if they turn the ball over, they have enough firepower to just get right back into it.
  3. Bucks/Hawks

    I expect a low scoring affair. Iowa's D line is very very young, and have looked pretty shaky. The Offense should be able to move the ball, IF they don't fumble it away like against Iowa State. Turnovers will decide this one. I know a lot of people are picking Ohio State to blow Iowa out on other msg boards. Just don't see that happening. I'll say Iowa 19 Ohio State 17, game winning field goal by Kyle Schliccer, who would have kicked his 4th field goal of the afternoon. Drew Tate will connect with Calvin Davis on Iowa's lone TD. Defense will give up a ton of yards to Ohio State, but stop them when it counts.
  4. Bucks/Hawks

    Time to strap it up Buck fans. What happened two weeks ago, was just that, two weeks ago. You guys can still win the national championship... but ya got to beat Iowa first. HUGE Big Ten game.
  5. UCLA Favored vs. Oklahoma

    Did'nt Andy Katzenmoyer major in Aids awareness?
  6. Michigan/Notre Dame

    Two Weeks... That's all I'll say. Two Weeks. A certain team heads up to Columbus. Last time they faced off, it was ugly. No doubt, coming off of a terrible performance. But beware Buckeye fans... BEWARE!
  7. What's the matter theohiostate?

    Well I said congratulations to both Texas and Iowa State. Two fantastic wins. Not much more I can say on the subject. I'm willing to accept any trash talking coming my way about my beloved Hawkeyes. Iowa deserves it. How you can play that terrible in your rivalry game is beyond me. My hats off to Dan McCarney and his program. I can only hope that there win WASN'T a fluke, and that they will have a successful Big 12 run but it's going to be tough. Iowa better get there act together. They got Northern Iowa on the schedule before heading to Columbus.
  8. What's the matter theohiostate?

    I don't know... in 2003 and 2004, NOBODY talked more trash than OU fans, and as of 1/3/05 They were nowhere to be found.
  9. What's the matter theohiostate?

    Ouch. Brutal crowd here. I guess thats what smack talk is. At least TOSU stays to face the piper, unlike some Oklahoma fans who have been hibernating since January 3rd.
  10. Best Week 2 college games that I can remember!

    I told one of my Kentucky friends, that that one was for him.
  11. Preseason college rankings again..........

    Fair enough. I will say this though. Give Vince Young the darn heisman right now. He deserves it. Other than that opening drive, Ohio State contained him rushing, forcing him to try to get it done through the air, which they contained that too, until that last drive too. But, great players make those kinds of plays, and adjust. I think it will take a remarkable season to take teh heisman away from Leinart, but if I were voting right now, I'd put Young #1.
  12. Best Week 2 college games that I can remember!

    Quite honestly, I wasn't even this disappointed in an Iowa performance when Arizona State hammered them last year. The one good thing, is Ferentz's teams always finish well so we shall have to see. The Clones wanted it more.
  13. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    Once again, turnovers are forced. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that, unless it is so blatantly obvious (Neil O'donnels 2 INT's in Super Bowl XXX). Give the Ohio STate defense some credit ( I know Vince Young will as it will easily be the best defense he will have seen all year long) they played very well and shut the Horn offense down for 3 quarters of the game pretty much. Vince Young is a great player, and made the plays at the end and Texas won the game. Sorry if you're too biased to see that the game was close, and both teams made great plays on both sides of the ball.
  14. Preseason college rankings again..........

    Turnovers are FORCED. Ohio State forced those turnovers, as the OSU linebackers lived up to there hype all night long. Vince Young was just flat out great. Ohio State wasn't able to punch it in, and got 3 fg's. The game was what it was. Sorry, but if you think the Jim Tressell playcalling was superb, and coulnd't have possiblly been better, you're out of your mind. I think it could've been better in the red zone personally, but we'll never know. Congratulations to the Horns on a GREAT non conference win on the road. Vince Young is the real deal.
  15. Best Week 2 college games that I can remember!

    Hey, haven't seen you since... um... oh yeah, that Orange Bowl game. What happened there?