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  1. Someone on another site that got into my league is maybe setting one up. If he does do you want me to give him your info?
  2. Any draft tonight? ESPN
  3. Sent you an email
  4. Leagues full and all payed up
  5. 1 spot left for grabs fill this spot and I'll send out leaguesafe invites
  6. 2 spots left need to fill up soon so I can get league safe invites out and payed let's go guys
  7. Bump
  8. Few more guys anyone else want in
  9. 3 spots left almost there guys
  10. Only 5 spots remaining let's fill this thing up
  11. Halfway booked who else wants in
  12. Looks like we're gaining some interest. Invites sent out from the few sites I posted in so let's get some more people.
  13. Let's go guys lets fill this up and have some fun drafting tonight for little something to do before preasons starts Soon
  14. Been running leagues for awhile and didn't want to run leagues this year but wanted to get a little something together, cheap befor pre season starts as a practice draft then doing mock drafts that are garbage for preparing rankings. 10:00PM ET 12 team PPR ESPN Leaguesafe $15 buy in 2017 Payouts: 1st: $85 2nd: $65 3rd: $15 Best regular season record: $15 Once I get league full I will post league safe invite link on main page of the league. If can't reach 12 will convert to 10 team for heads up. Please only join if your gonna pay. Thanks Post email below and I'll send out mass emails as I'll be busy on and off.
  15. Cancelled