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  1. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    FIRE IN THE HOLE!! Redondo Jolly Rodgers attempt to plundarrrrr Privateer Zach Ertz from Cincinnati Gives No Quarter.
  2. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    Alas, you be chasing secured booty. Depth charrrrge. Plundarrrrr unsuccessful! The grog blossoms on th Dutchman be draggin their anchors. Hope we can bring a spring upon ‘er buckos!
  3. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    This season's flogging of the Sea Dogs continues! Successful plundarrrrr! Matey Stafford be headed to Sin City's crew!
  4. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    Whitecourt Blackbeards thinks his ship has enough Doubloons and foregoes a shot across the bow. Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! Sin City Scalawags can plundarrrr at will.
  5. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    No prey, no pay! Depth Charrrrrge. Unsuccessful plundarrrrr. Scallywag Henry be stayin put on Blackjack Davy's crew.
  6. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    Avast Ye! Pundarrrrr successful! Marauders need to pack the coffer, Bucko AJ Green setting sail with No Ho No Ho. Let the piracy continue! Seattle Pieces Of Eight can plundarrrrr at will.
  7. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    HORNSWAGGLE!! Hang ‘Em from the Yardarm, me ship still have plenty of buccaneers and we don't need treasonous scum.
  8. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    That be a DEPTH CHAAARGE. Plundaaaar unsuccessful. Booty Snatchers can plunder at will.
  9. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    Ahoy! Plundaaaaaar successful. Matey Aaron Jones be a Sea Dog now.
  10. Hi Everyone, some friends of mine are starting a new league this year with some fun, quirky rules and we're looking for a few new owners to join. The league is called Black Sails and is a pirate-themed league with relegation, superflex, and mid-season plunder and post-season pillage - a brief summary of these elements below. Also, the league rules and message board ARRRRRR in all pirate speak. This is a redraft league, we're hosting this on MFL, it is PPR - RB 0.5, WR 0.75 and TE (and all others) 1.0 point/reception and the buy-in is $60. 1) Relegation: after year 1, there will be 2 leagues with separate player pools: Upper league (Black Pearl) and lower league (Flying Dutchman). After the first year, we will be separated into the two leagues based on how you finish (top half, bottom half). After that, every year, 4 teams will move up from Flying Dutchman, and 4 teams will be relegated (move down) from Black Pearl. 2) Superflex: each league will have 8 teams with separate player pools. As a result, we added a Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE), to encourage people to roster at least 2 QBs, so we will have 16-20 QBs drafted off the board in each league (rather than 8-10). 3) Plunder and Pillage: This is when it gets weird and piratey. The plunder takes place mid-season and basically offers you the chance to steal one player from another team (and other teams to steal one player from your team). The pillage takes place in between regular season and playoffs and allows the playoff teams to steal one player from the non-playoff teams. There are some more specifics to how this will function, but it's a fun way to redistribute wealth in the league. For both the plunder and pillage, you are able to protect one player from your team from being stolen. Here is a link to the league rules: If you're interested in joining or learning more, please message me.