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  1. Ertz for #4 & #14? Dynasty

    Too much. Guy in my league wanted Gronk++ for Ertz LOL
  2. Trade question

    I'll keep Kamara
  3. Keeper Help, please.

    Green & Thielen
  4. Which side would you take? PPR dynasty Start 2 RB, 3 WR & 2 flex. Side giving up Ware has nothing @ RB behind Fournette, Henry & Ingram
  5. Which TE?

  6. Mack Hollins for my 3.02 pick? Dynasty LG

    I'll take the pick
  7. Trading Beckham

    I'd pass
  8. Dynasty PPR. I'm the Ingram owner. If I had too many RBs, I may have already done it, but we start 2 RBs, 3 WR, 1 TE & 2 flex. I have nothing worth a crap behind Ingram & Fournette so I am unsure. I won the league last season. I'm very high on Juju so with him included is why I am hesitant. The other owner has Hyde & Drake too if anyone thinks I should try to go after one of them to maybe remove Juju form the deal. My Ingram & Juju for his Mixon & 1 of Cobb, Richardson or Funchess.
  9. Fournette out. Replace with?

    Ajayi if you need a home run. Perine otherwise
  10. Ajayi or Lewis

    Ajayi if you need to swing for the fences
  11. Yes. I have him going for me, but in place of Fournette.
  12. standard league line up check please

    I could see a swap of Goodwin & Cooks, but your lineup is good.
  13. Need Some Help, Pick 1!

  14. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Pick 2 of these 4 WR to start in PPR this week please: Evans, Diggs, Westbrook, Kupp
  15. Which 2 RB in PPR..

    Collins & Gurley