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  1. You interested in a Cameron Brate for Julius Thomas swap?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rhino4ever


      Ok, I got that trade set so now I need  a qb.  What do you think of Allen and Thomas for a qb?

    3. MudSkipper


      Just need the TE, so I can go Alex Smith for J Thomas straight up, but I won't dangle Carr or Ben Rothelesburger for the TE.


      Hope all is well!

    4. rhino4ever


      Smith for Thomas works.  Ill post it.


  2. Weekly Blitz is now open

    I'd like to play again.
  3. Two replacement owners needed

    Team 2 has been filled. Looking for just one more owner. This is a long running league with good commissionership. Credit free agency system. Check out details at Fantasy Dreams Dynasty League
  4. R.I.P. Richard "Aqualung" Fremer

    I haven't been active here on the main boards for a long time, but visiting my league board and finding WW's thread and learning this news, hurts. It always hurts when the good ones are called home. I'm thankful for the time I had to know and competed against Rich in The Legacy.
  5. who chews dip ?

    Why do you call it chewing dip? I always called it dipping? You chew chewing tobacco. Snuff is dipped. I chewed Red Man Golden Blend for years to wean myself off of smoking. Then one day I just quit. I think I used peppermint candy to get me off chew actually. Great stories though. When I was a teenager, my best friend has about 1/4 of a plug of RJ Gold in his mouth when another friend came up behind him and hit him on his back saying hello. My friend swallowed the chew and began to change color. We told him not to throw up in my house so he went running into the yard with his hand over his mouth. Right as he puked he removed his hand, but for some reason didn't open his mouth in time and puked quite a bit out of his nose in two little streams. Then he writhed on the ground in pain for several minutes. I've burped into my nose once and that sucked. I can't imagine puking through your nose. No sympathy from teenagers though, we laughed our asses off.
  6. Greatest guitar players of all time

    I'm very shocked that Randy Rhodes is so left out of this discussion. When I was young (80's) and music was everything, the argument was always Jimi or Randy? How has Randy faded that far into the background in discussions like this? I grew up on the rockers of the 70's and 80's and just can't see any of them better than Jimi or Randy? Everyone I knew when I was young had this view. Was it just my high school? Someone explain the lack of respect for Randy please. I'm really baffled by it. Rolling Stone had him at 85? C'mon? Have you listened to Blizzard of Oz or Diary of a Madman? Crazy Train? Could this be the reason so little recognition is given? Died too soon. Personally, my favorite was Rik Emmett of Triumph. Wouldn't say he was the best though.
  7. Caption this Photo

    At Sunday's game, this unamed fantasy fooball player received his trophy for winning his league's Toilet Bowl.
  8. great books

    Have you ever read Brock and Brodie Thoene's series, A.D. Chronicles? Salvatore is my favorite author. Would love to see some movies based on Drizzt, Bruenor, Wulfgar, etc. A nice trilogy like Lord of the Rings.
  9. Dallas vs. GB - NFL Network

    You can pick it up with Verizon FIOS as well.
  10. The 11th Annual 20 questions contest!

    1. Offensive MVP - Tom Brady 2. Offensive Rookie of the Year - Adrian Peterson 3. Most passing touchdowns - Peyton Manning 4. Most rushing touchdowns - LT 5. Most receiving touchdowns - Terrell Owens 6. Most passing yards - Jon Kitna 7. Most rushing yards - LT 8. Most receiving yards - Chad Johnson 9. Most points kicking (FG + XP) - Nate Kaeding 10. Defense with the most sacks recorded - Chargers 11. Defense with the most turnover recoveries - Bears 12. Special teams with the most return touchdowns - Bears 13. Rookie with the most rushing yards - Adrian Peterson 14. Rookie with the most recieving yards - James Jones 15. Rookie with the most rushing touchdowns - Adrian Peterson 16. Longest field goal (in yards) - 61 17. Headcoach first fired/quit in disgust - Tom Coughlin 18. AFC Champion - Patriots 19. NFC Champion - Cowboys 20. Superbowl winner - Patriots Tiebreaker - 94
  11. Last Place Trophy

    "This dog won't hunt!"
  12. TJ Duckett Signs With Detroit Lions

    This is a fantasy nightmare. KJones, TBell and now Duckett. But if you're a Lions fan, you have to be loving this!
  13. South African Watering hole 24/7

    Cool sunrise!
  14. South African Watering hole 24/7

    Hyenas on scene, this could get really interesting now.