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  1. You make a valid point. However.........at this point we may need to strike up an unholy alliance in order to end this reign of tyranny. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  2. The rebel forces were defeated once again. As Darth Vader told us, we underestimate the power of the Dark Side. All is not lost though as there remains a small rebel contingent strewn to the outskirts of the galaxy. And hope remains in a duo of strong young Jedi's named Elliot and Prescott.
  3. Ezekiel Elliott owners may be in championship contention for years to come, kind of like us Aaron Rodgers owners. Some years Rodgers just drags my sorry team right into the playoffs....and once there....anything can happen.
  4. There's one spot left on that trophy folks. I don't know what the plan is after that, but just in case...you better bring your A game next year if you want to be remembered....
  5. I shipped the trophy today. FedEx. $21. The engraving plate is already taken care of. I went ahead and ordered it. $10. Picture of the trophy: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p3p94j7ombpvreq/DSC_0031.JPG?dl=0
  6. Great job! Who said the WR is king in fantasy football these days? Our champion just rode on the back of a triple option formation...
  7. Jim would have to speak to the exact amounts, but from memory, division winners get $15 apiece. Dream Bowl runner-up gets another $30. However much we pay for MFL gets deducted. Trophy shipping gets deducted, the remainder you get. Somewhere around $100 after that remaining for the champion, plus the traveling trophy will be shipped to you. As far as draft order goes, regular season standings determine the order for all teams except the Dream Bowl participants, who get the last two picks in the round. So at this point you're either picking 11th or 12th next year.
  8. Good job Chris. My luck finally ran out and the better team won.
  9. Wanderers was a casualty of my unlikely playoff run last year. I know you've had a year to stew on that Chris, but I would caution you if you have some grand revenge planned. The Dolphins are a tough out this time of year, and it really doesn't have anything to do with how much talent is in the lineup...
  10. Looks about right. The top scoring team in the league didn't make the playoffs, that's crazy.....and I think it may be the second year in a row? I remember Monkeys and Pugs were in the top in scoring and neither made it last year.
  11. For a while I thought it might come down to a single yard again. I was very fortunate and a little surprised to win that considering the fact that Baldwin caught the down the field throw that made the difference after the Seahawks were already up by around 20 points. I wasn't sure Russell would even throw a pass at that point. But I guess Rawls going down probably gave me the opportunity. This is getting to be a pretty good rivalry and I may be pressing my luck to think I'll keep squeaking these out. I'd just assume avoid you in the playoffs this year if that's ok?
  12. I think Kryptonite would be the D2 if they win and Rampage wins as they have the tie-breaker.
  13. Well, I got my wish.....thanks Slick Willies! I think that was a first for me, losing a game due to an opponent's WR outscoring their QB, who I was starting.
  14. Bid 1 Drop Dujuan Harris
  15. A part of me wants to say "Go Rhinos!" this week. But, that's the easy way out. Hopefully we either both win or we both lose this week Mike. I want to settle the division title in ring next week...