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  1. Hi Henry - I made the AGES Mudskippers drops in the league board for the mudskippers. I'll do those myself from now on and post in the forum. Thanks.

    1. Henry Muto

      Henry Muto

      I just like everyone to do themselves for 2 reasons.  1 they may change their mind and 2 when season starts I am in over 100 leagues I am so busy I don't want to have to do any moves for other people since keeping track of everything is taxing enough in the season.

  2. Hi Henry - In AGES can you please add Kerwynn Williams RB KC to my roster. I acquired him via FA a few weeks back.


    Have a nice weekend

  3. You interested in a Cameron Brate for Julius Thomas swap?

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    2. rhino4ever


      Ok, I got that trade set so now I need  a qb.  What do you think of Allen and Thomas for a qb?

    3. MudSkipper


      Just need the TE, so I can go Alex Smith for J Thomas straight up, but I won't dangle Carr or Ben Rothelesburger for the TE.


      Hope all is well!

    4. rhino4ever


      Smith for Thomas works.  Ill post it.


  4. Greetings,


    I would be very interested in one of your leagues. Read the terms, no sweat. Please consider me for an opening. Thanks.

    1. Brutal1


      Hello Friend, I have the following openings (below).  Let me know which one you would like to join.  If you prefer more than one, you can pick up to two max.  Let me know and send me your email address that I can send ESPN invite to.  Thanks.


      (2 openings) A Flex 16 team league = $35 buy in, $560 Pot, 1st=$200, 2nd=$170, 3rd=$110, 4th=$80

      (1 opening) A Flex 14 team league = $45 buy in, $630 Pot.  1st=$220, 2nd=$180, 3rd=$130, 4th=$100

      ***(No Current Openings) A Superflex 12 Team league = $35 buy in, $420 Pot, 1st=$210, 2nd=$150, 3rd=$60

      (2 openings) A Superflex 10 Team league = $30 buy in, $300 Pot, 1st=$150, 2nd=$100, 3rd=$50

      (1 opening) A Flex 10 Team = $25 buy in, $250 Pot, 1st=$125, 2nd=$85, 3rd=$40

      (2 openings) A Superflex 10 Team =  $25 buy in, $250 Pot, 1st=$125, 2nd=$85, 3rd=$40

      ***(No Current Openings) A Flex 12 Team = $25 League, $300 Pot, 1st=$150, 2nd=$100, 3rd=$50

      ***(No Current Openings) A Superflex 12 Team = $25 League, $300 Pot, 1st=$150, 2nd=$100, 3rd=$50

  5. IDP Only Dynasty Startup $25/year

    Hey still looking this format looks cool!
  6. 16 team IDP salary cap start-up

    Still need owners? I'd like to join!
  7. Sleepers

    Taylor Gabriel WR CLE
  8. Predictions & Projections

    I miss the S1, S2, S3, B etc. designations and they are good deliniators when making decisions amongst closely ranked players. The "confidence" designation is not as helpful. Thanks.
  9. Stash and Hope for the Playoffs

    Ricky Williams for WK 15 Garbage time vs Indy
  10. Thursday night game! Bout time!

    Oddly everyone's hoping for a high scoring game (as I am), but not really talking about how effective the kid Quinn will be. To me (and I'm thinking of starting him), this is the real mystery tonight, how do you think the kid will do? I am hoping for just 220/2.
  11. Lions #2 WR

    If I were looking for like a # 4 or 5 WR for my PPR league and I am scouring the barrell, which guy will get the most receptions, Furry from the slot or Shaun McDonald from the outside. With such a sucky QB, asking for more than a few receptions a game is a stretch I realize, but the Texans will probably kill the Lions this week so you never know when the whole second half is catch up ball.
  12. R.I.P. Richard "Aqualung" Fremer

    Ride easy my friend.
  13. Good Evening FF Thespians, I like his chances at 5-6 rec a game and an occasional TD. In larger PPR leagues that makes him servicable IMO. Thoughts? Cheers
  14. Mark Clayton

    Bump - Need to know
  15. Mark Clayton: Ankle Injury

    I bumping this to ping anyone for additonal info. This guy has lots of upside this year and can be drafted comfortably as a #2.
  16. Sleeper WR

    My WR Sleeper is Brandon Jones in Tenn. Lots of 4th Quarter comeback attempts in Tenn this season and he's a default #1 on the team.
  17. If you are like me and this is a CRITICAL game for playoff implications then you do have to factor the Weather (which calls for thunderstorms at gametime). I am souring on McNair a bit as a result. If you are a local and could provide some insight it would be much appriciated. I do feel it will neagtively impact the passing game, and could have been a high scoring arial show otherwise. To bad really.
  18. Weather in Tonights Cinn/BLT Game - Thunderstorms

    I really do not see how Rudi Johnson gets a bump, the Ravens D is a killer. In particular I am looking for thoughts on how the passing game could be negatively impacted, or not?
  19. Berrian

    He practiced Wed in non contact drills. To me, he must take a hit in practice by Friday to even be considered. Too bad really, as alot of us need that bear #2 wideout to be a clear start this week. Cheers
  20. Yes I know the Pats were in catch up mode in the 4th Quarter yesterday, but it sure looked as though Gabriel ran decent routes and was on Brady's radar. I am going to strongly consider starting him in games like this Sunday's against the Bengals where the winner will be required to score at least 24 points. After all, how hard can be be to climb a depth chart with R Caldwell?
  21. Doug Gabriel Getting Increased Opportunities

    I agree it will take him a few more weeks to really be a game in game out starter, but this weeks matchup in Cinn has me leaning towards using him especially in a 1pt per reception scoring scheme. The Bengals should really drive up trhe score on them forcing the pass. Buts thats just me
  22. Undefeated Jets Host Pats

    How did Barlow look anyone?
  23. Who was the best player you have ever owned?

    Dan Marino -1984. 6pts for TDs. 48/TDs & something like 4800 yards. We tallied our scores manually and nobody would believe me......
  24. Whats the word on Jamal?

    Agreed. I was ready to start Chester and ride 20 plus carries. Should the fact that Jamal has been upgraded to probable damper things? I am in a postion like many of you where I am considering starting Chester in a flex starter position over people like Andre Johnson. Would starting Chester at this point be a big mistake? Cheers