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  1. Weekly Blitz

  2. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    In honor of our local sports radio station: 13-10, Cowboys. I think if that is actually the score somebody wins a new truck.
  3. McNABB Owners, are you bennching him?

    Hey, look at the upside, you were right. He didn't play the whole game.
  4. Pull the trigger in the next 15 mins...

    So did you do it?
  5. Pull the trigger in the next 15 mins...

    I don't take either deal. Although I may counter for Horn & DJax, but I wouldn't ive up KJ in any of those scenarios.
  6. Weekly Blitz

  7. Week 1 how'd you do?

    You forgot to mention that your Cowboys & Indians victory was by a point as well. 3 W's by a point, the fantasy football gods were on your side.
  8. ECB draft pictures

    I can't wait until I get old enough to wear a jumpsuit.
  9. rate my team

    DEFCON 3
  10. DMD and WW in Vegas

    Just watch out for deranged former Oakland Raider kickers.
  11. Weekly Blitz

  12. Weekly Blitz

    You were the kid on the short bus with six fingers, weren't you.
  13. King Of The Mountain

  14. Jamal Lewis

    Sorry, I thought this thread was about what Jamal did in prison.

    1190 AM has the game.
  16. What's wrong with OU?

    You can say that again!!! This surpasses our victory against UT in '91.
  17. Old School WWF

    Before there was Hulk Hogan, there was Superstar Billy Graham with the original pythons. He was hugh. Always hated Mr. Wonderful, Paul Orndorf...didn't he play football for the Bucs? Always liked the TBS wrestling with Tommy Rich, Ted Debiosi, King Kong Bundy and Rick Flair. I'll never forget watching 20/20 back in the mid '80s when David Schultz "Dr. D" hit that reporter after the guy asked him if wrestling was real. Edited to add: I forget Tito Santana. ARRIBA!!
  18. MNF - Rams vs. Lions - No Skybox?

    Unrelated, but more important subject...I notice tbimm posting in the tailgate.
  19. so why was my huddler mvp thread "gunned"

    It's in the correct that where you originally posted it?
  20. Gates is reporting!

    Is it a league rule? I was under the impression it was just a negotiating tactic....could be wrong.
  21. ROVERS!

    get a room.
  22. Gates is reporting!

    Who wants to bet that they cave and he plays against the cowboys?
  23. Explain Your Login Name!

    That's a softball if I've ever seen one, but out of deference to the big JC, I am not even going to take a swing.
  24. Explain Your Login Name!

    just picked three cool letters and spelled them fonetticly.