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  1. McNabb or Thigpen?

    I'd go with Thigpen here... good matchup for him plus it looks like the wind is gusting over 25mph in the NY meadowlands today thanks for answering mine
  2. WDIS? Gore or S.Morris?

    Yes, you can bench your first round pick... draft spots mean nothing afer the draft Without knowing your scoring system I would say that Morris and Grant (who is healthy this week) each have the best shots at big days... Gore will get the rock (and he's the only guy who will run it for SF); So, if you need steady production I'd go with Gore who is guaranteed touches; if you need upside I would go with Grant who has a great matchup; if it looks like you're on equal footing with your opponent I would go with Sammy Morris who will share carries with Faulk but should have a good day thanks for answering mine
  3. Holmes is #1 no question The other is more difficult as both HOU and CHI will be able to run on their opponents... 1- about Walter, GB had been very ough on opposing #2WR before the last couple of weeks (plus Schaub's return bumps Owen Daniels in the passing progression 2- Hester has been taken off kick-return duties by the coach because he's becoming the true #1 WR in that offense... but Orton is not all the way back yet I would go with Hester based on the # of targets he will get and the fact that JAX just lost their CB Mathis for the season Here's mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=275408
  4. Deangelo/Slaton/All Day and LJ....

    These are great options... in order, I like LJ, Slaton, DeAngelo: 1- LJ just based on the matchup and the fact that KC will move the ball; 2- GBay cannot stop the run and HOU offensive line blocking very well lately (I have Slaton 2nd because of uncertainties at QB & weather) 3- DeAngelo faces the toughes matchup but his team is most committed to running the ball Here's mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=275408
  5. Go with Warner and put the block on Fitz... you're talking about the #1 and #2 QBs in fantasy (especially for this week) so all things being equal use the block Here's mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=275408
  6. QB help -- pick 2 out of 3

    I voted... stay away from Romo this week; he is a great player but the oposing defense and weather make this a bad matchup for him (if Barber is out you'll have a rookie in pass protection) Here's mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=275408
  7. Which RB do I start

    All good matchups but I would go Forte and Turner... SF has played better against the run lately and after last week's game the Jets will look to get their passing game on track
  8. Flex Help... Will Answer Yours

    Got you back in the poll, thanks Anybody else have thoughts on this... I'll answer yours
  9. Pierre Thomas or Sammy Morris

    voted thanks for answering mine
  10. PPR League Flex 1: Lee Evans v. Lance Moore v. Domenik Hixon Flex 2: Sammy Morris v. Derrick Ward v. Jeremy Shockey Which one (1) of these in each flex do I start and why? Please post a link to yours so I can answer! Thanks
  11. R.I.P. Richard "Aqualung" Fremer

    Audrey, you and you family are in my thoughts and prayers... Aqua was a good guy
  12. Palmer Roethlisberger DAnderson ???
  13. Cinci has a great matchup, but Henry's targets and production have diminished recently; Indi has a tough matchup but Gonz has looked good and he's #2 WR instead of a #3; post a link to yours so I can reply
  14. The rest of my team is solid, but because of injury I've got to choose between: Sage Rosenfels vs. Tampa Kyle Boller vs. Indianapolis Both guys are at home, and both have tough matchups... scoring is: 1 pt per 50 yds passing 4 pts per TD -1 pt per INT If you include a some reasoning behind your choice I will do the same for you. Post a link to your question. thanks
  15. Anybody have a strong feeling about this one? Can I take Cololey out of the lineup? Lee's matchup is good but he put up a big 1-10 last week will answer yours (post link)