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  1. Duce Staley

    I know Cowher has announced that Willie Parker is his man, at least for now. Does this mean Staley has no value whatsoever? Is this guy even worth a roster spot at this point? Seems like whatever scraps are left over from Parker are more likely to go to Bettis...I think. I know Staley was a pretty accomplished receiver out of the backfield back in the day, not sure if there's a potential third down role for him when he returns to health. Pittsburgh homers, what's the latest (educated guesses are also welcome)? Is Staley expected back in week 5, after Pittsburgh's bye? And if and when that happens, does he have any role at all on game day for the Steelers? And when is Bettis expected back? I see that Verron Haynes got 11 touches in week 1 and 8 touches in week 2 - what's the best guess on how those touches get spread out once Bettis and Staley are both healthy? Thanks.
  2. An interesting observation ...

    I swore on draft day that I would never allow Jeremy Stevens to grace my roster again. Guy's been touted for years as an up-and-comer and has never done anything of note. Nevertheless, I was not aware until reading this post that he was off to a solid start, maybe I need to rethink my position, thanks for the heads up. I think gilthorp makes a good point though - as soon as Mili manages to pinch a loaf, Stevens will likely see a decline in production. Rumor has it that Mili has been asking around for Najeh Davenport's cellphone number...
  3. Steven Jackson...

    I wish Martz would hire an offensive coordinator - maybe Bo Schembechler or Woody Hayes.
  4. This game is gonna be a SHOOTOUT.

    Chiefs/Raiders will outscore this one...handily.
  5. Weekly Blitz

  6. what's up with Ferguson?

    I thought this response was on the money. I got beaten to Booker and ended up with ferguson, but he'll ramin on my bench until he shows me something. He's had some opportunities in the past and has not done much with them. And I share the concern that Murphy ends up beating him out for the job. If I'm not mistaken, the Packers' passing game relies heavily on the flanker position. When Walker went down, Ferguson was not slotted into his spot. Instead, they moved Driver over to flanker and gave Ferguson the split end spot. So the real question should be whether or not Ferguson can now put up Driver-like numbers, which last year were pretty good numbers. To which my opinion is no, he probably will not.
  7. Leave him in...

    Menudo counters with a straight right to the chin...
  8. Portfolio Pool

    2-4, not good. Given the way the teams were priced, seems to make sense that an average score at year end would be about 50 wins, maybe 49 since many entries did not spend the full $500. So I would think that on a weekly basis, a decent threshhold to meaure yourself against would be about 3 wins per week as a roughly "average" score...maybe slightly higher in the opening and clising weeks, and slightly lower in the middle weeks when the byes take place.
  9. 1st Madden quote of the night

    Melissa Stark quit two years ago to have a kid...how long does it take to spit one of those little monsters out? They should bring her back.
  10. Portfolio Pool

    I personally don't have a problem with sunday's late entry. Mr. Ted, on the other hand, given that he was choosing a day late probably should not be permitted to take the Patriots, who already had a win under their belt.
  11. Portfolio Pool

    Very sweet Zia, thanks a load. If I'd known you were gonna' do all the heavy lifting I would have come up with another 4 or 5 creative ideas. Thanks again dude.
  12. DMD- NE-Oakland Score Prediction

    those over/under linesmakers didn't do a bad job either
  13. DMD and WW share a man crush.

    Can a Skip Hicks reference be far behind?
  14. "Look at my Roster" postings

    In certain cultures it's considered attractive for a woman to have hairy armpits.
  15. Good stuff. Off topic I guess, but I was stunned to see the NY Knicks press conference on this topic. Stephon Marbury, who by all accounts is kind of a jerk, broke down while speaking about the situation and was completely inconsolable up on the dais for five full minutes. Donated between $500K and $1m also. Definitely made me see him in a different light.