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  1. Free Agent WR

    Pick him up and , if nothing else, stash him on your bench until he perks up, may be helpful with new off co-ordinator
  2. What TE to start?

    Putzier...going vs same team that allowed monster game to C Baker in week 1 !
  3. Need to start a TENN RB

    Start BJ if in doubt....at least he may get you a 6 pt TD or even @ ???!!!
  4. Should I drop Arrington yet?

    I am toying with same question, and have decided to ride out Arrington a couple more weeks, as I have a sneaky suspicion the proverbial "light" may come on any time now !
  5. drop bennet for Ron Dayne

    I agree, pick your poison, I honestly cannot recommend either one ! tHE LESSER OF TWO wisc bADGER PRODUCT EVILS
  6. someone just dropped Eric johnson

    I wouldnt, take it from plantar fasciitis sufferer, this can be very painful, and his is partially torn, I don't think he will play much at all this year !
  7. TE Help

    Putzier ( his stats don't show it , but he had 36 yd TD negated last game by a lineman's roughness penalty !)
  8. Heiden or Witten?

    Heiden is a one week wonder, they will have Shea back soon, and they also have Billy Miller, Heiden will be a forgotten man soon !
  9. Waiver Wire

    Glenn has 2 good games per year, and one was last night ! Engram SHOULD be more consistent, especially in 1 pt rec league ! IMO
  10. M. Moore, Michael Bennett, Marcell ship + more

    Shipp seems to be a sleeper this week !
  11. Need some RB advice

    Dump Bennett for Henry, slightly over Shipp !
  12. Waiver Pickup

    LJ man
  13. T Glenn is on my WW

    Glenn had his one good game last night, he won't be a factor the rest of the season !
  14. Drop JJ Arrington for R. Dayne?

    ECHO....Dayne is garbage , another overrated RB product of the BIG TEN !! Stay Away !
  15. More upside?

    There is no way you can mention "Ron Dayne" and the word "upside"" in the same sentence !
  16. Blaylock?

    I doubt it, but Edge looked good vs them yesterday, outgaining P Manning.....LOL>>
  17. Byron Leftwich OK?

  18. Everyone is too high on Willie Parker imo.

    The guy I played in one league went "all in " for Fast Willie this week (it's a blind bidding process, he bid ALL of his allotted $100 on Parker), and I still nipped him by 1.2 points ! The best thing about this is, he has NO bidding money left now ! FREE WILLIE>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO !
  19. McNabb or Leftwich? Got another~reply w/link

    Get Lefty for sure, but start Mc Nabb, he will be fine and do well !
  20. #3 receiver

    Lelie was targeted 14 times last week, and screwed up 3 sure TDs...I dont think that will happen this week !
  21. Stokely for Burleson?

    Make the deal before the other guy sobers up ! :
  22. WDIS Performance 2 of 3 WR

    Very ceative....crea8if...you have fantasy players playing vs their own defense , and one player playing 2 games the same weekend !1 LOL
  23. In a bind: Plummer vs. SD or

    Plummer vs weaker secondary...and Hass has a "sore arm"....not kidding, on injury list !!
  24. Galloway, Matt Jones or Ferguson

    ANYWAY, Golloway all the way, any day !!