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  1. Preseason games

    *Menudo runs through nekkid*
  2. Antonio Brown is out...

    So, I'm annoying. I've never been anything but nice to you. Also, my ghey poetry was good enough to be posted to the Official Steelers website's front page. Have you gotten anything published to the Brown's front page ? The poems were all in good fun, nothing more, noting less. As for you continuing to bring up the pre-Super Bowl days and the Steelers fans always wanting to discount it. I'm sure there are some that discount it for a number of reasons. The main reason is that most weren't alive for it, so, why would it impact us ? I'm a student of the game, so, I've read countless books about the Steelers history, and I know and accept that they were terrible in the pre-Super Bowl years. It isn't just Steeler fans that look past those years. The media and analysts, when talking about championships, only include Super Bowl years. I appreciate that football was played before I was alive, but, it really had no impact on me, so, I don't talk much about it. I think that is normal.
  3. Steelers @ Broncos

    Congrats to the Broncos fans. I really didn't expect a win here, but, as the game went along, I started getting my hopes up. It's hard to say your proud of your team in a loss, because it doesn't matter. The season is over. I thought they fought hard in a tough environment with a lot of key injuries on offense. I'd love to have seen what happen if Toussaint doesn't fumble, but, he did, so, we will never know. I do like the Steelers future prospects in Roethlisberger's last years. If the offense remains healthy, it is scary good. They were without their two best offensive lineman all year too. On defense, that front 7 is getting very, very good. If they can get help in the secondary, where they aren't real good, they could be setup for a solid run. I'll be rooting hard for the Broncos. Peyton Manning is among my favorite non-Steelers of all-time. I don't know if I like their chances, but, they are at home, and that defense could give the Patriots trouble. I hope they get it done.
  4. PIT vs CIN

    Please refrain from jerking anything of mine.....thanks in advance.
  5. PIT vs CIN

    More than Ohio State ?
  6. PIT vs CIN

    I really don't have much to argue with you on this, except I didn't see Porter trying to start anything. I'm sure he had words, but, I'm guessing some Bengals coaches said some things after the Bernard hit too. PacMan Jones was stupid enough to let words hurt him and he reacted. If Ben is capable, I think the Steelers have a chance. However, they have to play much better than they did in Cincy. I thought they played a pretty lousy game, especially on offense, and two Bengals basically gifted them a win. I'm just glad to have another week to watch my favorite team. I don't think they are good enough to make it much further, but, stranger things have happened.
  7. PIT vs CIN

    Wow, this BobbyBrown guy must be a really big Bengals fan. Seriously, this thread was very entertaining. The same anti-Steeler leader, the same anti-Steeler followers. Dude, it's been over 10 years, you honestly might need to seek treatment. Shazier should have been called for spearing. He led with the crown of his helmet. The earlier call on Wheaton was incorrect. They should have someone review these hits, as it's hard for refs to see in real-time. Bengals coaches were all over the field after the Bernard injury. You can't rip Porter for being out there without acknowledging that. Burfict's hit on Brown was an obvious penalty. I'm positive that Joey Porter was talking trash. PacMan contacted an official while trying to get at Porter. He is stupid and his stupidity cost his team. EVERY NFL TEAM has players who are good character guys and players who aren't. It is silly to pretend your favorite team doesn't. The Steelers have examples of both. So does your favorite team. So do the Bengals. However, two of the Bengals players made ill-timed, selfish decisions. By the way, if we are going to analyze every single moment and missed call (there are tons in every game), look at this video and let me know if A.J. Green should have been called for a false start on his TD catch. I thought the entire game was ugly. I don't think either team played very well. There were missed calls that should have been made against the Steeelers, some were big moments. There were, gasp, missed calls against the Bengals, some at key moments. The point is, the Steelers got a gift, no doubt from two Bengals who couldn't control themselves. It won't matter. If they aren't healthy enough and/or don't play better, the Broncos will end things next week. If the Steelers do happen to win, I'll be sure to check back in here for another episode of "I'll never get over it" starring BobbyBrown. Moth, Thanks for mentioning me in a forum that I haven't even been on in a LONG time. :WillieNelson: I am always on your mind.....I am always on your mind. :WillieNelson: Sincerely, Flame
  8. 2015 Mystery Huddler #3...

    I win again ! I'll take bikini pictures of the wife as my prize.
  9. 2015 Mystery Huddler #3...

    My guess is sksmith. Just a guess. This is our mystery huddler playing with a regular sized tennis ball.
  10. 2015 Mystery Huddler #3...

    Can you please edit out Gollum from future pictures with the girl ? Thanks in advance. Bikini shot, bikini shot, bikini shot........everybody.........
  11. 2015 Mystery Huddler #3...

    It's no rush. I haven't finish, looking at the chick in picture 2.
  12. 2015 Mystery Huddler #3...

    Two things I just realized. 1. She is on her knees in this picture, while midget boy is standing up. 2. The dude with the thumbs up is obviously holding a gun and forcing this girl to pose in a picture with him. The guy with the gun is obviously his ghey lover, and they took this picture to try to remain in the closet. E.T.A. More pics of the girl please, preferably at the beach. ()()
  13. 2015 Mystery Huddler #3...

    Loaf ! I have no idea who this ghey / midget is, but, his sister/girl he paid to be in this picture with him is hawt !
  14. 2015 Mystery Huddler #2...

    Good job being a good sport to you and Don't Rookie Me.
  15. 2015 Mystery Huddler #2...

    Or, it could be heehawks, the perverted fish fetish guy.
  16. 2015 Mystery Huddler #2...

    heehawks had sex with a fish.
  17. 2015 Mystery Huddler #2...

    So, what do I win ? Nice work Irish, CD and others. This brings back the memories ! P.S. I stopped looking at pics after seeing what he was doing to that fish. I can only imagine that they went downhill from there.
  18. 2015 Mystery Huddler #2...

    Its heehawks. Next.
  19. 2015 Mystery Huddler #1...

    You won. Next.
  20. I've always said that my first trip to the Hall of Fame would be when Bettis gets inducted. He is one of my all-time favorite Steelers. I've heard people say that he was just a stats accumulator. However, this is one of the things I find most impressive about Bettis' career. Most big backs like him don't have long careers. The only other "big" back that had a career as long as Bettis was Riggins. However, in 11 years, Bettis had about 550 carries more than Riggins did over 13 years. Most of the other successful big backs didn't last very long. Ear Campbell, considered the best of the bruising backs, only lasted 8 years and a tad over 2,000 carries. The thing I found most impressive about Bettis was the way he could finish a game. I didn't realize what we had until it was gone. The Steelers would get a lead and truly barely pass and sometimes not pass at all in the 2nd half. The other team would have 10 in the box and Bettis would still churn out first downs. He was always much better in the 3rd and 4th quarter as he was in the 1st half. He would simply wear guys down. The guy also had an ability or a determination to play through pain. I read his book, and in the last several years of his career, he couldn't walk during the days after games. He would go down his stairs on his butt. However, he would be suited up and ready to go. I also remember that there were several times when Steeler fans, including myself though he was washed up and ready to retire, only to be proven wrong by him time and time again. The guy is also a class act. I'm extremely proud that he is getting inducted and I'm looking forward to my first trip to Canton ! This is my favorite Bettis picture and one of my favorite moments. This was during the 2005 Steelers, when they had to win out to make the playoffs, prior to winning the Super Bowl as the #6 seed. Bettis ran over Urlacher in the snow on his way to the end zone. It was a great win and a great picture. P.S. He was also the namesake for my wife and I's first dog, which can be seen in my signature.
  21. Jerome Bettis Makes The Hall Of Fame

    I will definitely make a long weekend out of it so that I can see everything. I might even buck up for a VIP package that I saw advertised. I'm really looking forward to it ! As for Bettis, everyone is entitled to their opinion. If being a well respected guy helped nudge him in, that is fine with me. Like I said before, I also respect that he is the only big back to have such longevity. Most of them have very short careers. I've also never seen another guy that could hold a lead in the 2nd half and allowed the Steelers to completely take the air out of the ball. 11 in the box and he'd still get first downs.
  22. Jerome Bettis Makes The Hall Of Fame

    I'm just happy one of my favorites got in. Whether others agree doesn't really matter. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Longevity definitely helped, but, I still say that longevity for a big back like him is part of what made him special. You guys can't rain on my parade. I'm anxious for my first trip to Canton in early August. It will be an awesome trip to take my son too.
  23. Superbowl XLIX

    I was assuming he meant over the last 10 years. If he is going back to the beginning of the Super Bowl era, then quite a few were missed.
  24. Superbowl XLIX

    He forgot about the Steelers too. (Win in 2005 & 2008, Loss to Packers in 2010)