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  1. Should I accept this trade?

    Yeah I'm not interested in Gillislee so much it's more about Shepard. I had some injuries to my WR but right now I think Thompson is more valuable to me
  2. PPR league I give Chris Thompson and get Sterling Shepard and Gillislee? I'm not exactly stacked at RB but Shepard will be the Hisnts number 1 WR
  3. PPR league James White or Perine?

    Yeah I'm going Thompson and White
  4. PPR league James White or Perine?

    So basically I'm trying to decide if Perine is worth starting. I can pick him up right now
  5. I have Chris Thompson as a flex but with Kelly out I was debating starting Perine since it's a great matchup. I would have to bench either James White or Lamar Miller
  6. Zeke suspended. Morris or McFadden?

    Players are on waivers until Wednesday morning. After that if they are free agents then they can be picked up on the spot. Obviously if someone drops a player they would be on waivers for a couple days but neither McFadden or Morris were owned
  7. Zeke suspended. Morris or McFadden?

    I don't think it's worth dropping any of them
  8. Zeke suspended. Morris or McFadden?

    Yeah but who should I drop? Crowell, Martavis Bryant, or Latavius Murray? I can't drop Hunter Henry right now because Graham is on a bye
  9. Zeke suspended. Morris or McFadden?

    It's a PPR league which is way I'm leaning towards McFadden. He's much more versatile the Morris. But fml I can't decide. I hate fantasy football lol.
  10. Zeke suspended. Morris or McFadden?

    I could get both as if right now. I already picked up McFadden I'm not sure who else I could drop for Morris
  11. Gillislee or McFadden?

    I like McFadden over Morris in ppr but it's anyone's guess who will take over for Zeke. its tough to call right now so Gillislee might be safer bet
  12. Zeke my have to serve suspension this year. Which Dallas RB should I go for?
  13. Palmer has a better matchup but hasn't been great this year
  14. Gordon and cooks for an green

    Gordon and Cooks for AJ Green? I wouldn't do it for unless you have some other high end RB's and are desperate for a WR.
  15. Palmer Wentz or Newton

    Yeah I'm not too high on Newton. I do like Palmer over Wentz it's just not always pretty watching him