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  1. Keeper Chubb or K Allen?

    I’m concerned about K Allen’s injury history and yes also about what happens when Hunt returns. I think Chubb will be the lead back and Hunt could take Johnson’s role ( he’s begging for a trade). If that’s the case I’m ok with keeping Chubb
  2. Keeper Chubb or K Allen?

    10 Team PPR league 2 keepers I have Kamara as 1 so it’s between Chubb, K Allen, or Green as my second. Really leaning towards Chubb, WR is a much deeper position
  3. Ugh I wish I saw this sooner. I’m itching to draft
  4. Draft Tonight?

    Anyone running any 20$ or so drafts tonight through leaguesafe?
  5. Keep 2 of Julio/AB/Evans/DJ/Chubb

    Julio and DJ slightly ahead of Chubb
  6. Is Chub worth keeping?

    With the Browns offense upgrading and Hunt suspended 8 games is Chubb worth keeping over K Allen or Chris Carson? PPR league