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  1. Flex Help

    I feel exact same way
  2. Flex Help

    Lindsay has a nice matchup, the Rams were gashed on the ground by SEA last week. It’s just the snow could be a factor. I like Hyde and I do think this will be a close game, but I’m worried Chubb will start getting more involved
  3. Risk starting Goff and Gurley in the snow?

    Sorry but I hope Goff bombs today I’m playing against him. Lol. I think he’ll be fine though he has all his WR’s back. Gurley could see a lot of work on passing game don’t bench him
  4. Flex Help

    PPR league start Lindsay, Baldwin, Jordy, or Hyde? I’m def benching AP today I was thinking of going with Lindsay it’s snowing in Denver not sure if that’s gonna help or hurt him?
  5. Pick 2 RBs

    DJ and Hyde.
  6. need RB help desperately

    Snowing in DEN. Not sure if that’s gonna help or hurt Lindsay. But I’d still go him and Ekler
  7. Start Shepard at flex?

    I could start Lindsay and Shepard but then I would have to bench Jordy Nelson ( who’s been hot lately) .
  8. Start Shepard at flex?

    Oh thank you I didn’t know
  9. Start Shepard at flex?

    He’s been solid while Engram’s been out
  10. Start help please and thank you!

    It’s hard to trust Cooper especially after last week. Fuller over the other 2. I’d wait to start Olson and I like Uzomah this week but I’m still leaning towards Burton. I dropped Marlon Mack when I needed space but I also held onto him in other leagues where I had the bench spots. I’m other words I’m not expecting a whole lot from him but I think he has potential
  11. Start Shepard at flex?

    PPR league with 2 flex spots my other options are J Nelson. Lindsay, AP, Hyde, Baldwin, or Smallwood. Right now I’m leaning towards Shepard ( Engram ruled out) and Lindsay or Jordy Nelson. Thoughts?
  12. Pick up D’onta Foreman?

    Wow this is the longest running thread I’ve had in awhile. I’m glad other ppl are posting questions to. Thanks everyone. If you asked me a question and I didn’t respond I apologize just resend it if you want.
  13. Pick up D’onta Foreman?

    I picked up Kittle for Burton’s bye and once I heard his knee injury wasn’t a problem I then considered dumping Burton. I normally don’t carry 2 TE’s unless they both worth starting every week. I just wanted to be sure Kittle was GTG.
  14. Pick up D’onta Foreman?

    Ok so I like Smallwood over Clement and I think Blue the better option for at least the short term as Formen could be eased back into action
  15. Pick up D’onta Foreman?

    I heard the Bell rumors to. I like Smallwood over Clement and was thinking Davis would be a nice stash. I could drop Enunwa and Kittle or Burton and go for 2 RB’s