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  1. Drop Crowder and Pick-Up Marquise Brown?

    Given Jets QB situation I’d go with Brown.
  2. Singletary and JG for Gurley?

    I’d do it. I own JG and Singletary and I’m not confident in either of their workloads right now.
  3. Panic about Thomas and Kamara?

    I am definitely more concerned with Thomas but I own Kamara in bigger money leagues so any decline is a concern. Lol. I think Bridgewater will have better performances then he did Sunday but looking down the road if the Saints go like 1-5 while Brees is out are they gonna rush him back or just not take the risk. I do see him returning that’s just me imagining the worst case scenarios. If you try moving Kamara you’re prob not gonna get any offers worth taking since ppl are gonna try buying him as low as they can. He’ll still get his touches and yards but if the offense struggles touchdowns will be harder to come by. If you can get an offer that you are comfortable with then yes take it just don’t give him away to cheap
  4. Getting rid of Brady for some depth

    I think Brady still being a little late undervalued. If AB can play nice then that WR Corp could be better then the 07 season when Brady put up like 49 TD’s. I see your reason for wanting to trade him and I agree about getting a 2nd TE if you could. Williams is better option then DJAX.
  5. Mahomes/Chubb for Barkley

    If you could get another player along with Barkley then maybe but I think Chubb will be fine once that offense starts to gel and Mahomes is a beast
  6. Waiver WR pickup question...PPR

    They both have potential to be boom or bust. I think Robinson has more short term value but Brown better in long term.
  7. I own them both in a couple leagues, how much does Brees’ absence downgrade them? PPR leagues
  8. Breida or Gallup at flex. WHIR

    Thank you sir
  9. PPR J White or Breida??

    Breida. He should get a good amount of touches today and it’s a nice matchup
  10. PPR league. Different ppr league A Robinson or take a shot on John Brown? WHIR.
  11. Thoughts on Renfrow?

    Renfrow was being talked up even before the AB drama but I agree they both dart throws although I do think Renfrow has more value now
  12. Was offered AB for my Sanders...

    I like Sanders this year I think he’ll be a solid option. Don’t do it
  13. Shepard, E Sanders, or Brieda at flex

    I feel Sanders could be a great option this year but I’m wondering if he needs time, it’s his 1st game back.
  14. I’m going through same thing trying to decide about Wilson. I would drop your RB 5 if anything. I feel Wilson could be feast or famine most of the year but he stays healthy he could def be leading receiver on that team