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  1. Who should I keep?

    Exactly. I may try to shop Green or McCoy just to see what I could get
  2. Who should I keep?

    AJ Green just lets me down every year. He blows up during regular season then fades out during playoffs.
  3. Who should I keep?

    Thanks. Yeah I was leaning that way once the Bills signed Ivory and lost Tyrod Taylor. That offense could be a mess given their current QB situation. Plus I'll have 5th pick I'll be able to land another decent RB
  4. Who should I keep?

    10 team ppr league with 2 keepers I've narrowed it down to Shady, AJ Green, and Kamara. I'm leaning towards Kamara and McCoy since WR's are a little more abundant.
  5. Help with lineup.

    I would go Cooks, Hill and Jones and Burkhead but it's close between Jones and Diggs but Jones has better matchup
  6. Cincy or Buffalo

    I would say Bengals.
  7. Goff or McCown

    Yeah it's close. Without Robert Woods Goff may have a tough time. I'd flip a coin
  8. Goff or McCown

    Wow did you ever think in week 14 you would get debated between McCown and God? Lol. What a crazy year its been. Oh anyway yeah I'd roll with Goff although I'm not selling MCCown short, even against Denver
  9. Trust JAX D or pickup Cincy?

    Yeah I agree. I'm just trying to give myself any edge I can but aside from a week 2 clunker the Jags D has been solid for me
  10. Trust JAX D or pickup Cincy?

    Or stick with JAX D? I feel like it's gonna be close between me and my opponent so if it's really gonna give me an age then I'll go for it. There are other D's available but Cincy is the highest rated of them
  11. 10 team money league and transactions a 5$ a piece so is it worth dropping Cupp ( I don't need him) and picking up Cincy's D vs Chicago?
  12. Sterling Shepard or Devante Parker

    So do I drop Doug Martin or Hunter Henry for Cupp?
  13. Sterling Shepard or Devante Parker

    Yeah I thought about that. We pay for moves and I wasn't sure if it would be worth it but since Crabtree is suspended for 2 weeks I might need Kupp
  14. Josh Gordon, Ted Ginn, or Marquise Lee? WDIS

    Hahaha your team sounds like mine. My bench always outscores my starters lol.