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  1. Start Enunwa at Flex

  2. Start Enunwa at Flex

    PPR league and he’s been solid so far.
  3. Old Man Rivers

    I hear ya I have Rivers and Keenan Allen. I gotta roll with him cuz we have a short bench and I don’t wanna drop anyone but in your case Dalton could be a good play although I’m never comfortable starting him.
  4. Drop Mack for Duke Johnson?

    Lol thanks
  5. PPR league and I do believe the Browns will start getting Johnson more involved and also the Colts running game is a mess right now
  6. Drop Mack for Duke Johnson?

    Hey I noticed you responded to the last few posts. Thanks bro I appreciate it. It’s FAAB so I won’t waste the money on Johnson
  7. Is Lindsay for real?

    I’m struggling at RB so I picked him up in a PPR league but I’m still not completely sold on him
  8. Is Lindsay for real?

    I think next week against Baltimore will be more of test. I could use the help at RB so trust me I want to believe he’s more of an Alvin Kamara and less of a Steve Slaton. Lol
  9. Washington-Indy game could be high scoring so I’m leaning a bit more towards Thompson
  10. 10 Team PPR league I have Johnson, Burkhead, AP, Hyde, and Marlon Mack as my other RB’s. Is it worth dropping one those WR’s?
  11. Drop Garçon or J Nelson for Lindsay?

    I’m not totally sold on Mack if Lindsay. But RB’s aren’t as deep as WR’s
  12. Drop Garçon or J Nelson for Lindsay?

    I’m not totally sold on Mack or Lindsay. But RB’s aren’t as deep as WR’s
  13. Drop Garçon or J Nelson for Lindsay?

    I was really leaning towards Garçon. It’s a 10 team league there are other WR’s on waiver wire if I need to grab one
  14. Drop Garçon or J Nelson for Lindsay?

    Hmm. RB’s are slim but I think I might have a decent group. So drop Mack? I already picked up Lindsay I actually need a K so that’s why I gotta drop someone
  15. Drop Garçon or J Nelson for Lindsay?

    I considered that but my only hesitation is that it looks like Mack will be the clear cut starter in Indy which could make him a useful flex play
  16. Sit D Baldwin?

    I could start Jamal Williams, Mike Williams, or Chris Carson instead. PPR league and Baldwin has a tough matchup plus the whole knee soreness thing. Thank for any input
  17. Grab him. I would say keep Williams but you might be better off with Golladay
  18. Start at flex

    Cupp is the safer play and Gordon is high risk high reward. I’d go Cupp
  19. Trade Advice

    PPR League I got offered P Barber, Eifert, and Calvin Ridley for K Rudolph and Funchess. The ONLY reason I’m even thinking about it is because I don’t have a lot of depth at RB.
  20. Trade Advice

    I have M Thomas, Tate, Watkins, Lockett, and Amendola as my other WR’s and Lockett could be in for a decent year if Baldwin’s knee is a constant issue
  21. Trade Advice

    I have Ronald Jones already just not sure when he’ll start cutting in to Barber’s touches
  22. Trade Advice

    David Johnson, Alex Collins. Ronald Jones, Breida and Mack. I also have D Walker as my other TE
  23. Trade Hopkins or Julio

    I have Burkhead Ajayi Alfred Morris Javorius Allen Frank Gore and C.J. Anderson. I have other good WR’s though so that will be my strength
  24. Trade Hopkins or Julio

    12 Team ppr league I had 10th pick and ended up with Hopkins and Julio Jones. We start 3 WR’s 2 RB’s and a flex so I’m good with having them but I’m weak at RB so should I try to move one? Jones is being a little undervalued so I might not get a good deal if I offer him. I could package one of them along with Burkhead for an RB and WR. That’s what I was thinking of doing. Any thought?