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  1. Trade Theilen

    PPR league I got offered Sanders, Cohen, and Cam Newton for Theilen. I don’t wanna give him up but should I consider it?
  2. Trade Theilen

    Ok thanks guys
  3. Flex Help

    I agree I think Cooper being gone might hurt Nelson more then help. Shepard is a tough call cuz it’s a decent matchup and he’s had so nice weeks but Carson and AP are better options
  4. Flex Help

    Need 2 in PPR league. AP, Chris Carson, Shepard, or Jordy Nelson? I could make a case for all of them but I’m leaning towards AP and maybe Carson
  5. Flex Help

  6. Flex Help

    So AP and Carson?
  7. Flex Help

    I am interested in how Jordy will fare with Cooper gone
  8. Chubb or Kerryon?

    I’m not thrilled about Chubbs matchup and he could lose touches to D Johnson if Pitt gets a big lead
  9. Ben Watson or Trey Burton?

  10. PPR leaning towards AP and Shepard
  11. PPR league Crabtree has a nice matchup so I was leaning towards him but not sure
  12. 10 Team PPR league I can pickup either one of them and drop J Allen since I also grabbed Chub. Or I can drop Trey Burton ( I have Kittle) and pickup both
  13. Goodwin or Godwin for ROS

    I just have a feeling Godwin the better long term option and Goodwin is more hit or miss
  14. Goodwin or Godwin for ROS

    Thanks everyone
  15. Goodwin or Godwin for ROS

    So Goodwin.
  16. Goodwin or Godwin for ROS

    I agree that Godwin is the more steady option but Goodwin is more explosive and we get bonus points for long TD’s
  17. Trust Lindsay? Great Matchup

    I wanted to bench Hyde he’s been hard to trust so I was gonna go DJ and Lindsay at RB and Shepard and either AP or Goodwin at flex
  18. PPR league and Zona is like 31st against the run. But not sure how many touches he will get
  19. Trust Lindsay? Great Matchup

    Hyde or AP. I could even flex Lindsay over either Shepard or Marquise Goodwin
  20. Trust Lindsay? Great Matchup

    I have other options but I feel like Denver gonna wanna run as mush as possible
  21. Trade Theilen?

    PPR league and I could prob get Edelman and Sanders or maybe JuJu in a 2-2 deal. I’m not looking to give him up I was just wondering if I should consider it
  22. Trade Theilen?

    I like Edelman and Sanders but is that work giving up Theilen? I don’t have a ton of depth outside of Theilen and K Allen.
  23. Trade Theilen?

    He wouldn’t do Juju and someone else it would have to be me giving Theilen for him which ain’t happening. Plus the guys already in 1st and has Kamara and Barkley but not willing to part with either of them
  24. Flex Help

    I feel exact same way