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  1. 0-2, what to do? PPR

    Who's the #1 guy in ur mind I should get rid of right now before his value goes down?
  2. (PPR) The title says it all. I'm 0-2, 1 back in my division. My team has scored the 3rd highest points among other teams in 2 weeks yet I'm 0-2, bummer. My starting squad consists of QB Rodgers RB McCoy RB Gillislee WR Cooper WR Tate WR M. Bryant TE Doyle Flex Buck Allen So lets talk possible trades. Who would you start shopping if you were me? I like Gillislee but hes only goal line dependent. His value is probably its highest its going to be and I could probably get back a good WR for him. I have Buck Allen so I could start him in the RB2 slot. Cooper? I love Cooper, but they have alot of weapons on this team and Carr loves to throw to Crabtree in the redzone, something that isnt good for Coopers value. Basically I'm keeping McCoy, but everyone else I'm willing to trade. What you guys think??
  3. Im not going to waste a roster spot for this guy if it’s going to be the same thing all the time. It’s looking like this guy will never be healthy.
  4. Flex position. Who gets the nod?
  5. Thanks, should I just drop brown then or keep him? He never can stay healthy
  6. If John brown can’t go, I have these 2 to pick from. Who should I go with?
  7. My question is because I’m thinking about snagging Clay off the waivers and start him instead of Doyle until Luck gets back. I can’t afford for Doyle to just disappear after 1 quarter of football like he did this past Sunday. I normally don’t like to start 2 players from same team but should I do this? Or should I go for a guy like Zach Miller? I don’t have one Chicago player on my team
  8. Is it time to search the waivers for another TE or should I keep rolling with him? The 3rd string QB is starting probably so that could help him out some
  9. Corey Davis vs Jags, John Brown vs Indy, and Martavis Bryant vs Vikings
  10. Clearly every Colts player probably won't do great u until Luck gets back so do I go to the waiver for say a Zach Miller, Cameron Brate, or someone else? I think Brissett will get the starting job week 2 so that could be better for Doyle because the offense looked more fluid with brissett under center. Who knows tho..
  11. Forgot to add Corey Davis led the Titans in targets and looked really good.. maybe I should keep him
  12. I've got Woodhead starting in the RB2 slot. He's out it's looking like for some time. So basically I can start Gillislee in my RB2 (He's on my bench, I lost this week because I didn't start him). And I have Rob Kelly (tough matchup against eagles line) and Gio Bernard. Do do I try and trade one of my WR's? Of them I'd be willing to trade Martavis Bryant or Corey Davis. Maybe Golden Tate but he's looking like to be a PPR stud this year. Not trading Amari Cooper at all. Any thoughts guys? thanks
  13. How do you feel about John Brown or Corey Davis..