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  1. Gronk.

    I was up by less than one point and was playing Green Bays defense tomorrow. That last drive with points from Gronk I'm not playing my defense to avoid the possibility of negative points. I'm in the playoff picture but have a weak team so I cant chance losses.
  2. Playoff Strategy/Losing on purpose

    My first year ever playing, my boss and I were gonna make the playoffs. I wanted to play him in the championship, but turned out we got seeded to play in the semis. Was bummed it worked that way but I beat him to advance. The next week in the consolation game, he goes off for one of the highest scores all year. I won the 'ship cuz I didnt play him that week. Fantasy football is so fickle, take wins when they will come
  3. Colts/Patriots game tonight

    20.5 from Sony for me tonight, super happy as I picked him up on waiver to cover Jordan Howard bye and didnt want to play Tevon Coleman. Gordon had a nice TD catch for the guy earlier in this thread if he decided to play him. Tried trading Gronk for Keenan Allen or for Robinson and both owners said no. He put up 12.5 for me tonight, not terrible but would be really nice if he'd have a monster game soon
  4. Jameis in the game

    I hate the TE position.
  5. Jameis in the game

    Is OJ Howard in the game? Is Fitz that bad today that Howard hasn't had a chance or is Howard hurt?
  6. Rams vs Vikes

    Last night I played Cousins, Thielen, and Gurley for 85. My boss and long time rival played Cooks and Dan Bailey for 32. Very happy with the game results and the fantasy results
  7. What do you need to happen on MNF

    2 QB league I was down over 100 going into Sunday night. Starting tonight it was 150 to 54, needed Fitzmagic, Big Ben and Antonio Brown to have big games. Ended up winning 154 to 150. Whooped pretty loud at Fitzpatrick TD to a falling receiver to seal the win
  8. Trouble brewing in the 'burgh

    Abc15 website just posted an article saying the Cardinals are a prime target for AB to land...if hes traded. Possible truth to this trade tweet or stupid "news" station trying to drum up clicks/readership?
  9. touching QB = roughing

    If you did that then the Cardinals would have actually made it past half field this last sunday... maybe
  10. Need 30 from Russ tonight

    I'm up by 18 but have Howard and the Bears D going for standings points in 1 league. I need Allen Robinson to score less than 40 in another league
  11. Tom Brady to retire?

    An argument for him playing. He's supposed to have this super intense workout and training program. I know you can't simulate getting hit by 300 pound linemen, but his body should be in great shape to keep playing. An argument against. He has a super model wife. Most women out there want loving every now and then. If his bones are creaking and the bed springs aren't, he's gonna have problems. He should go out while he's on top...in more ways than one.
  12. Beware Custom Leagues With Cheating Owners

    If I won 5 free leagues this year does that mean I made it all the way with my hot adopted sister? ;-P
  13. Check in for 2016 League Winners

    Barring any stat corrections I actually won 5 championships out of 6 possible. Thank you Zeke!
  14. What do you need?

    Oh my, way too close. Barring any stat corrections I pulled out the win by 1.2 points.
  15. What do you need?

    I need 1.9 points to take the lead. Come on Elliott