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  1. Qb, flex and wr help

  2. Qb, flex and wr help

  3. Qb, flex and wr help

  4. Qb, flex and wr help

  5. Qb, flex and wr help

    Thanks Anybody else
  6. Qb, flex and wr help

    Easy pick 2 for 2 rb/wr spots 1 for wr spot And who to start at qb It's a PPR league Isaiah Crowell vs ravens Jamall Williams vs Panthers Alex Collins vs Browns Robby Anderson vs Saints Juju vs Patriots DeDe Westbrook vs Texans Robert Woods vs Seahawks I have Cousins vs Cardinals at the moment, would you start him or one of the following: Case Keenum vs bengals Blake Borltes vs Texans Flacco vs browns Thanks
  7. Trade rb

    I wouldn't do that trade
  8. Pick 1 to the Rb spot and 1 to a flex spot Aaron Jones vs Bears Isaiah Crowell vs Lions Keenan Allen vs Jaguars Corey Davis vs Bengals Marlon Mack vs Steelers
  9. Trade help

  10. Trade help

    I'm in a 10 team 3 keeper PPR idp league. I've had some injuries with Beckham and dalvin cook going down but I am still 8-0 thanks to string idp play. Would you trade an Antonio brown or one of my other players to get a good RB. We start 1 qb 2 RB 2 wr 2 wr/RB 1 te and idp Qb cousins RB Melvin Gordon, Marlon Mack, Alex Collins, Aaron Jones, D'Onta foreman, isiah crowell, Rob Kelly, dalvin cook Wr Antonio brown, Odell Beckham, Keenan Allen, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Corey Davis, Robert Woods, Jermaine kearse, Mike Williams. Te Zach ertz
  11. Trade help

  12. Trade help

    I know I had gun last season as well, considering both trades cause I feel I have to space to do so with the depth. But I certainly could use the RB help if crowell gets it going.
  13. Trade help

    Thanks for a great answer. Anybody else
  14. Trade help

    Its a 10 team PPR 3 keeper league all tds 6points We can start 1 qb, 2 RB, 2 wr, 2 wr/RB, 1 te, 1d, 1 kicker. My team. Qb: luck, cousins RB: Melvin Gordon (keeper) dalvin cook, ameer Abdullah, jacquizz Rodgers, Jamaal Williams, James Conner, D'Onta foreman, Chris Carson Wr: Odell Beckham (keeper) Antonio brown (keeper) Keenan Allen, Sammy Watkins, martavis Bryant, zay Jones, Kenny golladay, Mike Williams (chargers) I got offered following 2 trades. I give Sammy Watkins Ameer Abdullah Get DeAndre Hopkins Or I give Sammy Watkins Ameer Abdullah Get Isaiah crowell Thoughts