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  1. Very early keeper help

    Thanks anybody else
  2. Very early keeper help

    I know I had Beckham, Gordon and Antonio brown as keepers and traded for hunt where brown was in the trade and drafted the rest 😎 thanks for the answer
  3. Very early keeper help

    I have to many players to keep so looking to trade either up or for a 1st rounder next year. We start 2 RB 2 wr 2 RB/wr and it's PPR Keep 3 of the following. Kareem Hunt Melvin Gordon Dalvin Cook Odell Beckham Keenan Allen
  4. Flex help

  5. Flex help

    Bump, just vote on the poll thanks
  6. Flex help

  7. Decisions everywhere

    Big Ben Murray Diggs Westbrook
  8. Who should I start at QB?

  9. Flex help

    Who would you start in a PPR league at flex
  10. Sit 1 WR

  11. Cousins, bortles, keenum or foles

    Thanks, anybody else
  12. Which would you start this week