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  1. Augusta National - Practice Round - Merchandise Shop

    great time, players a little more accesible obviously. also, remember that the course is much much much hillier than it appears on television. the beauty of it is unbelievable. also, i dare you to find a Josh Gordon. you will notice that everything they sell comes in dark green containers so that if one of the billions of garbage pickers they employ misses it, it wont be visible on television. enjoy the trip, and try not to get behind any japanese business looking types in the souvenir line.
  2. Mike Bush signs 4 year deal with Chicago bears

    might we possibly see stewart or goodson in oakland ?
  3. We are the champions!

    dynasty wars and dynasty wars 3
  4. philly duo of mccoy and jasin babin helped me all year long, until title game this week and they came up with very little
  5. Playoff spot drama

    correct decision
  6. The worst game

    dont care about how it translates into the standings was terrible football for 56 minutes, and i can understand his point on it being a bad game. anyone can admit that, whether you care if it was bad or not. funniest part was the sideline reporter blowharding about what a great game it was to watch.
  7. Tebow stinks.

    the guy is brutal, a great competitor, but a brutal qb. if anyone in that orginazation believes he is the long term answer.....i laugh at them out loud. yeah yeah yeah, 4 wins this year.....KC, MIA, OAK (carson palmer at qb after 3 days in town), and now a vastly overated east coast team....and arent most of them, without their two best offensive players. put the koolaid down, step away from the bandwagon, and stop smoking that shhhtufffff.
  8. Official Scorers Video Quiz

    i dont like the interpretations for the way alot of these plays were scored.
  9. Undefeated

    ran the table 13-0 in dynasty wars 3 a few years back, only to lose in title game
  10. 28-7 dynasty wars 5-2 dynasty wars II 6-1 dynasty wars III 6-1 gmx 6-1 gwdl 5-2
  11. Super Sleepers

    s ajirotutu, l nanee one of these two will rise slowly and have good value in the second half the season, as newton starts to get it, and the coaches realize they dont have anyone from the old regime at wr outside smith.
  12. The Tenth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    week 12 lions score 10
  13. These Three Things WILL happen week 1

    evan moore catches 2 tds, and 80+ yds cam newton runs for 2 tds, and throws 2 ints texans put up 40+ on the colts, with foster scoring 3 times