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  1. R.I.P. Richard "Aqualung" Fremer

    My entire family offers it's condolences to your family, Mrs. Aqualung.
  2. Lets all keep Aqualung in our prayers.

    I've never been in any leagues with aqualung. But I know his as an OLLLLLD timer around here. Get better soon, GB.
  3. Football Roleplaying SIM

    I don't know...but I am eating home made soda bread.
  4. Football Roleplaying SIM

    Dope Smokin Role Model BTW...I was the 1st Mystery Huddler to have his picture up twice. Also, I think Kid Cid mentioned it in another thread. My 1st mystery huddler pic was me in the woods, but I wasn't half naked. I did look like I just cut somebody up with an axe, though.
  5. Football Roleplaying SIM

  6. Football Roleplaying SIM

    The infamous Chris Perry question...yeah, I remember that. Did you need to look it up or did you remember it off the top of your head?
  7. Football Roleplaying SIM

    Like I said, I don't really post anymore, but I found something cool that I thought you guys would like to be a part of. I'm guessing this is causing some sort of problem...as I am getting a lot of resistance, here. Honestly...not trying to cause a problem, just trying to show something cool...like a youtube video or something...that's all.
  8. Football Roleplaying SIM

    I am in the USDA league with Skippy, Riff and Untateve...among other old farts. We did do something with the league way back when, something about passwords...but then I would suspect that Skipy's number would be almost the same as mine.
  9. Football Roleplaying SIM

    And the truth is...I've been around since '97 or '98. Not that it matters. But you could ask any of the original HOFers....I see one lurking in the tailgate right now.
  10. Football Roleplaying SIM

    I don't know why...weird scenes inside the gold mine I guess.
  11. Football Roleplaying SIM

    If I didn't know better, I'd kinda think that I'm getting the Huddle Newbie treatment. Okay then...I have no stake in the game at all, I just think it's kinda fun. So I thought I'd share something fun with you guys.
  12. Football Roleplaying SIM

    My bad then. I didn't see a post on the front page overhere. Did you guys get a team together or no?
  13. Football Roleplaying SIM

    There's this pretty cool simulation league that I started playing in last week. It's kinda new so everyone is pretty evenly matched. You can create a player at any position. Even more than one. You can buy a team and fill it with everyone here if you wanted to. Then play a game and get some experience points...and pretty soon your guy will be streaking down the field for a TD or pancaking some poor DE. The games are played every other day. It seems pretty well run, although it's been blowing up the last couple of days...the server is a little slow. Anyway...check it out (or delete this if you think it's spam...which it's not) Goal Line Blitz
  14. BOTH Leagues

    A lot of the "before 2001" started in '99.